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10 Terrible Gifts to Get for Your Friends

Have you every found yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for your friend? Wandering around Target hoping that something will show up and be the best possible gift for your dear friend. Sometimes the pressure of getting someone a gift can be too much. At that time, you turn to the only other option. The gag gift. There is a birthday everyday, as well as many holidays, so I can assure that this list will forever be relevant for the rest of time. So get your wallets ready for some truly awful gifts for your friends.

10. Any movie with Tim Allen

Everyone knows who Tim Allen is right? He's Santa Claus, Buzz Lightyear, Tim the Tool Man Taylor, that movie where he turned into a dog, and many other iconic roles in television. He doesn't do much these days, but the prime of his life has been immortalized in numerous Blu-Ray and DVD sets.

I can hear you asking, "Why would a Tim Allen movie be a terrible gift? He is the best actor to ever exist ever!" Well, my dear reader, Mr. Allen is arguably the most iconic American actor in my eyes and undoubtedly everyone else's! Anyone would be delighted to receive a Tim Allen movie for any gift-giving holiday. Tim Allen is on this list because of his massive legacy in the film-making industry while doing movies that others would rather not. I'm thinking about the movie where he turns into a dog. No one would want to do that.

9. Dollhouse furniture

Dollhouse furniture is easily the best thing that mankind has ever created. Miniature versions of everyday common household objects? Sign me up! Something about the fine details in a dollhouse paper towel holder fills my heart with joy. I simply cannot explain it. Obviously this is not a terrible gift, but it is essentially useless unless you own a dollhouse that you desperately need to decorate. Tiny dollhouse furniture and decorations will make any significant person in your life feel like a giant holding someone's livelihood in their hands. It is a truly powerful feeling, and everyone should be able to feel that.

8. A single tangerine

Tangerines are very good and show the person receiving it that you love them more than anything in the world. These are obviously reserved for serious relationships. You don't want to send the wrong message to someone!

A tangerine shows that you know they are capable, while also showing that you want to be there to support them every step of the way. They take some effort to peel, but when you get to the sweet, sweet tangerine, you feel as though you are floating on clouds. If you really want to put your feelings out there and be bold, get them a tangerine.

7. A onesie related to the closest holiday to whatever time you are reading this

There is nothing better than to give someone something tacky and only relevant once a year. Any onesie is good, but a holiday one really shows that you know what day it is! Or what day it almost is. There's nothing better than wearing something comfy and having someone say, "It's not [insert holiday here]!" Personally, I live for that.

6. Kids press-on nails

They're either too big or too small! They never fit. But, that may be because they are made for tiny child fingernails, rather than big teenager nails. Maybe your friend has a nail-biting habit? Fake nails do help people with stopping that. Or, maybe your friend just wants to relive their childhood, by having nails with tacky designs and mediocre glue, on top of them already not fitting.

5. The Odd1sOut merchandise at Target

Why would anyone want to buy YouTube merchandise at Target? Especially from the Odd1sOut? He has a lot of subscribers, but he doesn't have the "merch in Target" amount of subscribers. But, maybe your friend likes white, almost human-like blobs with a big smiley face on it. If they do, then run over to Target and buy an Odd1sOut toy. They never run out of those........(because no one buys them).

4. A fart in a bag

This is a very thoughtful gift. You have to put a lot of work into obtaining this one. First, you have to build the flatulence and then you have to somehow get it into a bag. Your friend will hate this gift, but it is also the funniest gift you could ever give someone. If I ever met the president, this is the gift I would bring for him. Then I would receive a purple heart from the president himself for my thoughtful and disgusting gift. But for real, your friend will not like this, but they will probably say one day, "Hey, you, do you remember when you got me a fart in a bag for [occasion]?"

3. Five Night's at Freddy's birthday party supplies

There is nothing better than a Five Night's at Freddy's themes birthday party. This can be used for any holiday, no matter what. Christmas? Yes! Easter? Yes! Your parent's 25th anniversary? Yes! Everyone and their grandmother likes Five Night's at Freddy's, and if you don't know what it is, you have been living under a rock and everyone looks down on you. Anyway, your friend will love this.

2. Stock in Chuck E. Cheese

This is what you get your business savvy friend. You know the one, always checking the stock market and gossiping about the stocks and other stock things. If they keep up with the stock market, then they know that Chuck E. Cheese stock is rising slowly and is set to rise exponentially in the near future. Don't ask for their confirmation though. They will pretend like they don't know what you're talking about. Chuck E. Cheese stock is valuable I promise trust me. (Don't trust me).

1. A letter telling them how much you appreciate them

They won't appreciate that...

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