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Two is Better than One

Most everyone would agree that two cookies are better than one. Two puppies are better than one. Two dollars are better than one. So what is better than one baby? TWO! Mrs. Serate would definitely agree as she is currently pregnant with twins! Mrs. Serate is the art teacher here at GMC who also teaches crafts, freshman success, and has a junior blazer block. She has been teaching for 11 years, and even though only two of those years have been at GMC, she has already become part of our family. Speaking of family, Mrs. Serate said that she was “extremely excited” to find out that she was pregnant and that her family is growing.

Although she currently has one stepson who will be nine in November, the twins will be Mrs. Serate’s first children. She has not decided on names for the twins but some possible combinations include Veronica and Victor, Fiona and (Fitz)gerald, and Jacqueline and Jarvis. The fraternal twins are due around February 17, which will affect this year’s classes; however, Mrs. Serate says, “it is too soon to know [how her] maternity leave” will work. Until then, she continues teaching and sharing this experience with her students. Mrs. Serate says that although “teaching 90-minute classes is tough" she loves "sharing the experience with [her] classes” and that the gender reveal with her classes was "a blast!”

According to GMC student Brandy Myers, Mrs. Serate gave the students in her A day classes one gender and the students in her B day classes another gender and left the rest up to them. Many students eagerly searched for someone in a class on the opposite day as them to try and figure out the mystery of what the genders are. Everyone is definitely excited about embarking on this adventure with Mrs. Serate, and the twins will undoubtedly have no shortage of potential babysitters as students and faculty look forward to adding two, very special, members to the GMC family.