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B-Days Are Better

"I HATE B-days!"

How many times have you heard a response similar to this follow a question about Friday? If you are enrolled in classes here at GMC, I bet you would lose count.

But what is the reasoning behind such exclamations?

"I love B-days because even though I have harder classes, the teachers make those classes ones to love," said Sara Kate Alexander. "Their personalities, teaching styles, and pacing keep the classes from being boring.” The biggest reason Brianna Burns loves B-days "is because [she has] English with Mrs. Rouse!" Haley Summey said, “On B Days, I have classes that aren't as stressful as [those on] A Days, such as P.E.”

On the flip side, there are those who prefer A-days. "I actually have a lunch on A days," said Jared Peck, who (on B-days) is enrolled in Spanish at the college, a class that runs through GMC's first and second midday meals. "But in general it's just a lighter day," he added. Maddie Buisch loves her A-days because she "feel[s] so much more productive in [her] English and Teacher Cadet classes!” Among other students, the core of Gabriel Stoudemayer's preference is his teachers: “Mr. Cook, Mama Bailey, and Mr. Gallion are the”

As of December 18, 2017, at 6:03 PM, 59.7% of 119 survey respondents preferred B-days while 40.3% favored A-days.

In my opinion, B-days are better. However, unlike the majority of survey respondents, my reasoning does not include classes or a light homework load. No.

My B-day homework has been so profuse this year that I can't even use my agenda to tell you precisely how many times I have stayed up until three in the morning to complete it (and, for the record, I am not a procrastinator). I can't even walk out of the house with the wrong backpack due to the significant weight difference between my A-day and B-day load (@collegetextbooks).

“B days aren't my shortest days," said Madi Davis. "But that is when I get to see most of my friends. It doesn't really matter how long I'm at school as long as I am able to see them.” I couldn't agree more.

On A-days the people whose company I enjoy the most I only see (occasionally) in the hallways. A-days are more about surviving, rather than thriving. One more worksheet. One more problem. When does this class end? What time is it?

Sure, B-days require a whole lot more preparation, but the laughs I share with my friends during that time make the entire ride worthwhile.