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Top 10 Things We Miss About the Trailer Park

#10: Blazer Block Scavenger Hunts

There were people who tried to avoid these with every bone in their body, but for those of us that participated, it was a nice source of friendly (although sometimes hectic) competition.

#9: Leaving During Lunch

...This is much harder to do now that it seems like there is always someone watching.

#8: Connecting Classrooms

Although the connection between B4 and B6 was not used very often, it sure was convenient.

#7: Getting Away with Not Paying for Dress Down

This too, is much harder to do now that there are a limited amount of entrances to the building.

#6: Opening Windows

Classrooms can get stuffy. When the weather is nice, what’s better than opening a window to help you finish working on that assignment?

#5: Community Feel

There is something about that having to walk all the way across campus several times a day makes it much easier to feel close to everyone you love and maybe even a few people you don’t.

#4: No Hallways

Hallways are simply just impractical! They are always crammed with students and are extremely difficult to use to get from one place to another. No hallways equals no traffic jams, which equals happiness for all!

#3: Going Outside for Class

This is much easier to do when almost every classroom has two doors that lead directly to the outside world.

#2: Fresh Air

We need it to breathe. And where would it be more abundant than beside a forest?

#1: The Deck

The legendary deck. This momentum of our high school years will most definitely make it into the stories we tell our grandchildren. It was the center of life for blazers of all grade levels. It was a glorious meeting place and backdrop for photos. It will be missed dearly.

Stay tuned for "Top 10 Things we Love about the Building".