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Why are none of the Juniors getting class rings?

For the class of 2019, the 11th grade has arrived.

“It's very bittersweet,” said Greer Middle College Junior Emily Jennings. “I can't believe...I only have one more year of high school.”

With little time remaining until graduation, each 11th grader was presented the opportunity to purchase the traditional class ring.

“Are you getting a class ring?”

For days, I presented this question to various members of the Junior class, but it wasn’t until a week after the first exchange when I finally overheard someone say “yes.” This scenario then had me asking another question: Why are seemingly none of the Juniors getting class rings?

Lucia Thomas, a GMC parent, also found these results intriguing: “When I was in high school everyone got a class ring because that was the thing.” Apparently, times have changed because, as of November 23, 2017, at 12:18 AM, 66.7% of Junior survey respondents are not getting a class ring.

“I’ve never really wanted one,” said Hannah Leonhardt. “I have other rings I like to wear...”

Similarly, Becca Williams said, “I don't wear jewelry since I'm always at school It would just get in the way of me trying to do everyday activities by getting caught on stuff.”

However, the majority of the 11th grade is discouraged by the price tag. “I honestly feel [like] paying $100+ [for] a ring from [high school] is a major waste of money[,]” said Jared Fisher.

Corentin Serbource said, “Only people who peak in high school would be proud of a class ring.”

Other Juniors, including Parker Wood, “think it makes more sense to save the money for a College ring that [they] might wear more than a [high school] ring.”

Of 39 Junior survey respondents, 12.8% may or may not get a class ring.

“I would love to have a ring to commemorate my experiences at GMC,” said Sarah Claire Mullis. “Unfortunately, I may not due to the expense.”

Olivia Kissinger said, “As juniors...we are already saving up money for college tuition and applications so spending hundreds of dollars on a ring does not seem very beneficial.”

As of November 20, 2017, 14 Juniors had ordered class rings. Their reasoning? “It’s a reminder of where you’ve been,” said Tatyana Murphy, one of the Junior survey respondents who make up the 20.5% of Juniors who are purchasing rings.

Similarly, Holan Cartee is getting a band "because class rings are good memories for when you leave high school".

Also, Emily Jennings is “very excited to get a class ring because [she] was really able to personalize and make it [her] own.” “I wanted to include what is most important to me,” she continued. “ symbolize what I spent most of my high school days doing...I'm very proud to be a blazer and wear my class ring!”