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Hallway Etiquette

“Honestly, I just want to yell ‘stay in your lane’ all the time,” said student Dylan Mott.

Hallway traffic is a frustrating problem at Greer Middle College, and it seems as if it will never go away. Many students criticized the principal of GMC, Jimmy Armstrong, for creating new, stricter rules for walking in the hallways, but there is a method behind his apparent “madness.”

While most students can relate to wanting to hang out with friends between classes, they can equally empathize with being upset when the flow of traffic is slowed or halted because a few people are loitering in the halls.

Some students, like Jesse Breazeale, have acclimated to hallway traffic by adapting their own route to navigate around blockages. Breazeale says that between 2nd and 3rd period on A days, he uses the college seminar room to avoid the mass of students accumulating by the main stairs.

While this clever solution does not impede other students entering and exiting the classroom, it will not help solve hallway traffic as a whole. The entire student body needs to be more aware of the people around them and respect traveling students by allowing them to pass.

Of course the people causing the obstructions are indifferent to those trying to get by. It’s not like the situation is urgent, right? It very well may be. English teacher Cameron Cook shared his experience dealing with hallway traffic during his time working at a different school. He said that a fight broke out and he was on his way to respond, but he couldn’t reach the fight. He was unable to break it up because a group of students blocked his way. Cook did not comment on how the altercation ended.

Cases like the aforementioned aren’t common, but there is always the possibility that they could happen. Just as students participate in fire drills and active shooter drills, they should also practice hallway etiquette. There may not be a real threat, but it’s better to be prepared.

Remember the golden rule. You wouldn’t be happy if you were late to class because other people didn’t have anywhere to be, so don’t take up the entire hallway with your group of friends and stay on the right side of the hall.