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Coming back to school and jumping into classwork after a long break is the worst. At GMC, we combat the post-winter break fog with EDUscape.

EDUscape is a two day event held as a "soft kickoff" to the semester. In the past, the first week of the semester was called Arts Intercession, and students would participate in art classes, dance lessons, or a school trip. Aside from the name change (thanks to Senior Project teacher Crystal Earle for the new moniker!), it has been revamped to include an even more impressive array of classes, activities, and trips.

Arts Intercession began in the early years of GMC. Modeled after our sister schools, the two day event focused on exposing students to arts. While Brashier and Main Campus have stopped, we continue the tradition. This year, the team in charge of EDUscape is taking all of the good aspects of Arts Intercession and making it better.

Paula Rouse, one of the brains behind the operation, said EDUscape is an opportunity for students to "engage, explore, and connect."

“We really want students to come back [from winter break and] form friendships that in the classrooms they normally wouldn’t,” said Rouse. “It’s awesome how it’s a mix of different grades.”

As the name suggests, the two days are an “educational escape” from regular classes. Students pursue their own interests, and for the first time in forever, everyone got their first picks for each day.

In addition to various activities, students can use the two days to job shadow or take additional Senior Project days.

The week is also an opportunity for students to take an educational trip. This year Rouse, along with teachers Laura Sawicki, Ryan Stone, Kelley Bailey, Ella Kate Meyers, and Principal Jimmy Armstrong are taking a group of around 60 travelers to Orlando, FL. The group leaves on January 1 and travels home January 6. They will visit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

For those who Disney World is not their style, have no fear. Next year, they hope to add more trips including the Biltmore House, Charleston, and skiing.