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Top 10 Things We Love About the Building

#10 The Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a great alternative gathering area for students hate the outdoors or are afraid of being trampled in the cafeteria.

#9 Protection from the weather

There are few things that are worse than having to walk to your classrooms in the rain. Especially if it’s cold and you forgot your umbrella. Roofs are definitely a blessing.

#8 Mirrors

A small, but needed accommodation. It sucked having to walk all the way to the deck just to make sure you looked as good as you felt.

#7 Labs (plural)

I bet that the science teachers really appreciate this one. Although, students will admit that it’s nice to have labs that don’t have that odd, musty smell from the old lab.

#6 Roomier classrooms

This is a no brainer. Especially for classrooms shared by multiple grade levels like college seminar. Who remembers trying to find somewhere to sit in the old B3?

#5 Safety

It’s nice to know that if we ever did have a hurricane or tornado, we would be relatively safe in our new, sturdy, building. When we were in the portables, the most we could do is buckle down and pray.

#4 New bathrooms

Freshmen will never know the frustration of freezing cold toilet seats. And the blessing of having large bathrooms on both floors of the building definitely outweighs having two tiny bathrooms across the trailer park. Especially when the new bathrooms are lacking frozen toilet water and cockroaches.

#3 Heating AND Air Conditioning

A comfortable temperature is a must for a good learning environment. It’s nice to have thermostats instead of loud air conditioning units that make it impossible to hear.

#2 Clean carpet

Who remembers the various, ominous stains in the portables? Not to mention the make-shift patchwork of carpet in several of the portables. Well, there’s no more of that! We now have a clean, consistent, carpet, and we can replace individual tiles of carpet if we ever do get a stain.

#1 Classrooms grouped by content

This way, if you need help on your math homework or your college essay, you don’t have to walk an excessive amount to find a teacher who is able to help you.