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Teachers and Tattoos

Many would agree that your life is a result of all the decisions you have made. One choice that is sure to stay with you for the rest of your life is getting a tattoo. Although the motivation to get a tattoo is different for everyone, there is no doubt that it will be a permanent addition to your life. Whether that ends up being a good or bad decision is up to you and time.

Susan Gault, a GMC teacher, has experience with having tattoos. Her first tattoo, which she got at the age of 18, is a sun on her shoulder. She says that her motivation was simply “a rebellion thing”, and she “knew [her] parents would hate it.”

The second tattoo, which she describes as “the symbol for Venus”, is on her left thigh. Gault acquired this tattoo during her time in the military. She says, “a bunch of us went out together to get them.” Gault says that this tattoo does still have meaning for her as she is “very much a feminist and [it] symbolizes [her] beliefs in gender equality.”

Regardless of the tattoos’ personal meaning for Gault, it does not change the fact that she wishes she had not gotten it. She says that, even though having a tattoo was not looked down upon during her military career, it has affected her teaching career as parents of students “tend not to look favorably” on tattoos.

In the end, Gault says that she “would highly caution people against [getting tattoos]”. Although she doesn’t negate the meaning or symbolic value and significance of some tattoos, she advises caution through her personal experiences. She advises that just like anything else in life, getting a tattoo requires great thought and commitment.