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Why Do People Talk During Announcements?

They happen every day. When the bell for second period rings, everyone knows that the announcements are about to come on. It's the best way for students to find out important information straight from teachers and faculty members themselves.

They fall upon deaf ears, however, when inevitably five separate conversations arise as soon as the Pledge of Allegiance is finished. Sometimes conversations become so loud that the class is not even aware when the Pledge starts, awkwardly rushing to their feet and beginning halfway through.

I certainly don't mind people talking in any other circumstance; however, there are people who need to hear what is being said in the announcements. Talking during that time not only hurts those people, but also hurts the person talking since they cannot focus and talk simultaneously.

For example, an entire week before Juniors were supposed to receive their transcripts, it was announced that Friday would be a mandatory Blazer Block meeting. This information was said over the PA system twice a day for at least four days. Despite the constant reminders, there were still some Juniors that were not aware that Blazer Block was mandatory.

"I tell them to be quiet, but that's not very effective," said English teacher Cameron Cook commenting on his second period class. "You usually can't hear the announcements."

If a student truly needs to listen to announcements (which is most, if not all of the student population), they should ask those around them to quiet down just for 30 seconds. Teachers already tell their classes to quiet down, so students should encourage each other to do the same.