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Wallace Wilson, Jr. Dragster

Wallace Wilson, a GMC freshman, drives junior dragsters. Junior dragsters are smaller versions of Top Fuel dragsters.

Wallace has been driving for eight years.

“Greer is where it all started,” said Wilson.

Wilson says it all happened when he saw kids his age racing. It inspired him to give it a try.

“It made me want to give it a shot.”

Now he runs big races such as Bristol (which he won last year) Galot, Farmington, and many more. He also runs points races at Greer Dragway.

Points races are races that lead up to championships. There are seasons such as winter points and summer points. Each season there are only a certain number of races. If you win those races you earn points in your class. Classes are different age groups and cars. By the end of the season whoever has the most points wins the championship.

Wilson enjoys racing because “it’s a good way to unwind and let loose after a long week at school.”

Last year Wilson won the big race for Junior dragsters at Bristol Dragway in Knoxville Tennessee.There were over a hundred racers in his class and 800 in all. This event is a 12 day event.

“It’s where kids from all over the world come to race,” said Wilson.

He says it’s very nerve wracking and stressful having only one chance per round. If you mess up on your run, you’re out.

“When I get in my car I take a deep breath and focus on what I am about to do,” said Wilson. “My goal is to be an example to other younger drives because I started out like them and now I’m running a top dragster.”