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"F.R.I.E.N.D.S" Review

The hit T.V. show F.R.I.E.N.D.S ran from 1994-2004. It was a hit American sitcom T.V. show and still is today. It tells the hilarious, yet compelling story of the lives of its main characters in their 20’s: Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc).

While most sitcoms in the 1990’s are not adored by 21st century audiences, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the one to make you laugh until you can’t breathe and to make you smile uncontrollably. It makes you thankful that the show we all should know and love can be accessed right in the comfort of your own home on Netflix.

Taking a look into the characters individually, Monica Geller, played by actress Courtney Cox, is as OCD as it can get. Getting to know her, she is a fun and adoring person but, be forewarned, she will absolutely notice if you have moved the couch one inch, never the less clean the whole house. My advice?- never clean the apartment. She will notice it and redo it all! As Chandler Bing figured out when he cleaned the apartment, she noticed something was different the second she walked in. She enjoys being in charge, and is the most competitive one of the group, especially when going against her brother, Ross Geller. During a game of ping pong with Mike in Barbados, they compete for hours on end, but then… Monica whacks her hand on the table and is no longer able to go forward. Chandler Bing offers to takes her place, an unlikely choice as he is clumsy and not so good at sports. Monica, fearing that he will break her winning streak, gives the role to him with lots of hesitation. Although at the end who knew Chandler Bing would turn out to be a master table tennis player!

Dr. Ross Geller, played by actor David Schwimmer, is the know-it-all of the group. He is also obsessed with dead dinosaurs. Commonly known as “Ross the Divorcer” (a named he gave himself), he has had an overwhelming number of divorces. His marriage to his first wife, Carol Willick, ended divorced after she came out as a lesbian (despite having a child, Ben, with Ross after their divorce). His marriage to his second wife, Emily Waltham ended in divorce due to the fact that at that time Rachel had expressed her true feelings for Ross. Emily saw their connection and divorced Ross right after their wedding. His marriage to his last wife, Rachel Green, happened after a night filled with booze and laughs during which they end up getting married in an Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas. Ross, also commonly known for his phrase “We were on a break” when concerning Rachel Green, said maybe they should just have a break, which Ross took as they were over with. This led to him getting together with another women and Rachel saw that as cheating because she didn’t really mean to be on a break. This long term phase comes up during every argument and is mentioned comically in the last episode as a flashback to the fond memories they share. No spoiler alerts will be in this article but needless to say the connection between Rachel and Ross grows over the seasons.

Rachel Green, played by actress Jennifer Aniston, was born into a rich and spoiled family. In the first episode, she entered having just fled from her wedding and was looking for high school friend Monica Geller. While she is the most fashionable of the group, she becomes a kind-hearted person. Coming from a rich family, she has never had a job, when abandoning her previous life style she needs to develop skills at which will help her land a job. Comically, she starts off as a waitress at the shows famous coffee shop. Through her off and on relationship with Ross, they develop a tight bond throughout the show which leads to bigger and better things for the both of them.

Chandler Bing, played by actor Matthew Perry, is the comedian of the group, his quirky, disliked jokes is what makes Chandler, Chandler! He always tries to lighten the room with a joke. He is the one to make you laugh when you're down. Then, frustrate you with his continuation of his jokes. While nobody quite understands his job, he is the one to go to for a loan as his savings are sure to keep you afloat.

Phoebe Buffay, brought to us by her troubles, you know it! Her mother killed herself and she maybe had her brothers’ babies. Hey, who really knows! She is for sure a four leaf clover. She is a masseuse and provides a home service. She plays her guitar at Central Perk with her infamous song “Smelly Cat.” The most mysterious of them all, she buys a can of soda and only she would find a real human thumb in her can. Hey, the benefit was she got a few thousand dollars from the company for her troubles. She is a mystery even to her closest friends.

Finally, Joey Tribbiani the baby of the group. He is unaware of what his friends discuss as their intelligence is beyond his capability of understanding. Although being an actor in New York is not very easy for a dimwitted person. You know the type, typically a ladies’ man. When Joey feels left out because he is not as intelligent as the rest, a salesman happens to come to his door and offers to sell him thesauruses for fifty dollars apiece. As the sucker, he happens to buy one and memorizes it in an attempt to be more knowledgeable in front of his friends.

Ross Geller is one of my favorite characters. He makes the show hilarious with his personality. Ross the Divorcer, that first couple of seasons, you knew he was not done with marriage and marriage was not done with him.

Friends overall is absolutely amazing it makes you laugh on a bad day and makes you cry laughing on a good day. Either way it’s one to break your heart and make you laugh till you can’t breathe. The whole crew sets a vibe in an atmosphere that makes you want their life, their friendships and their love. I can’t express enough my love for this show, although Grey’s Anatomy and Friends are a close tie, but Friends gets the winning score. The way they portray these characters in a manner that makes you love them so much. Although it’s a sitcom and nobody seems to watch those anymore, this is not a regular sitcom, their touching, compelling and moving friendships make you wish you could have that life.

The life of living next to your best friends and living life with them, experiencing everything together. It gives you hope for a better tomorrow.

Recommended by me personally, Friends has got to be on your Netflix watch list because you can’t get more laughs and more tears from anywhere else except from these six magnificent characters. Their lifestyle and their shared experiences, are a Walt Disney dream come true.

To find out more about these characters and their lives go to:, just kidding…