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How to Make the Uniform Your Own

Having to wear a uniform can be hard for anyone wanting to sport a unique ensemble.

For many students, when they hear the word “uniform” they think of plain polo and ill-fitted khakis. There are many ways to make the uniform chic and interesting, but the stigma of the uniform can often cloud our creativity. Here are a four uniform styling tips for both guys and girls that can easily be accomplished 15 minutes before class.

Everyone will be giving you “snaps for your courageous fashion efforts" - Clueless


1. Girls It all starts with the bottoms: when picking out your khaki pants, try not to invest in low cut or unforgiving waistlines. A low cut waistline can make your waist non-existent altogether, and that is simply not a good look. Be conscious of the material as well as materials that shrink and expand are unreliable. Find khakis that will retain the same shape throughout the entire day. Stay away from cotton synthetic blends as these fabrics will expand but fail to return to its original shape.

2. Guys The only thing have to say is no cargo shorts or pants, make sure they fit, and pull up your fly!


1. Girls Polos are usually easy to style because they can be concealed by a cute sweater or scarf. If you like the preppy collar that the polo offers, then a simple cardigan can be worn to accentuate a more put-together look.

2. Guys For polos, guys should try to focus on Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y. Many times guys wear worn and dirty polos, and that is simply not a good look! Try to get polos that fit well and are not too tight or too loose.


1. Girls Often outerwear can make or break an outfit. When choosing a sweater or jacket, try to achieve a balance between the pants and the outerwear. A pair of flared pants would not compliment a large bulky jacket, and a pair of skinny pants worn with a tight sweater is hardly dynamic. For example, a pair of flared khakis worn with a more streamline flowy or tight sweater can be a great way to put a bohemian spin on the uniform. Wearing a pair of fitted khakis with an oversized sweater or long pea coat can be a classic and comfortable way to style the uniform.

2. Guys Outerwear is where you can experiment more. Choosing a good jacket, coat, or blazer can add the perfect finish to well-fitted outfit. When looking for a blazer, always go for the tailored look. A saggy or straight lined cut is not flattering for anyone! Jackets should also fit. A jacket that is not meant to be oversized takes away from the sharpness of an outfit. Large winter coats are a different story as they serve primarily for warmth and add little to an ensemble.

Accessories and Shoes

1. Girls Accessories and shoes can add an interesting and unique spin to an ordinary outfit. Adding metal bangles and hoops can bring an earthy or feminine aspect to an otherwise simplistic ensemble. Incorporating a conservative assortment of pearls, watches, or some simple crystal/diamond jewelry can add a put together and professional aura to the uniform. Shoes are also a great way to add a finishing touch to your look. Some very in season options are booties, vintage sneakers, loafers, or mules.

2. Guys Accessories are something not often utilized by guys but, in my opinion, add a very cool touch to a look. Guys’ scarves are something I am very passionate about and would love to see more of in fashion. In any European city, a man in a scarf is a common occurrence. For many guys, shoes are the focus, and this can be seen all over men’s fashion. Men’s athletic shoes are the primary source of aesthetic expression for men due to the various colors and styles offered. If you are looking for a sharper more polished look, a pair of loafers or Clarks are where it’s at.

The three most important tips to focus on are, fit, accessorize to emphasize your style, and never wear cargos. Taking these tips into account can transform your style.