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Reviewing Roman's Game

GMC Senior Roman Meilinger is in the process of creating a board game called “Hitman Escape” for his senior project. The game is for up to 10 players and will feature characters resembling GMC students.

Players can play the game as either 1 of 8 targets or 1 of 2 hitmen.

If you play as a target, the object of the game is to collect all the evidence and prosecute a company. The goal of the hitman is to try and stop the targets from collecting evidence while collecting money and removing the characters from the game.

The game has a lot of pieces and is difficult to get the hang of by solely reading the directions. It is easier to understand if an experienced player walks through the rules and objectives.

Despite the intricacy of the game, it is very exciting. The complexity adds to the amount of outcomes and you never know when you can be eliminated, or brought back into the game.

"Hitman Escape" is continuing to be updated as more people play and new suggestions are made. The goal is for the final game to be jump-started and sold in retail game stores.