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Top 10 New Year's Resolutions You Won't Keep

#10 Get Organized

This resolution is also a great excuse to buy more gel pens!

#9 Put More Work Into Yourself

This resolution goes anywhere from doing what you love all the way to waking up earlier to curl your hair.

#8 Be More Positive

it’s always fun and games until someone loses an eye…

#7 Save Money

Everyone wants to save up money but when you see your favorite candy at lunch for only $1.00 is it really that much?

#6 Go to bed earlier

we all remember the days where we actually slept. I call them pre-Netflix days.

#5 Stop Procrastinating

I'll write about this one later...

#4 Go to a gym

Did you know January is the busiest month for gyms new members and February is the month with the biggest loss in membership.

#3 Study More

It’s always great to try your hardest but if you don’t try hard on this goal then you won’t reach it!

#2 Eat Healthier

Everyone has heard this one and made it at some point but when you see that cake at your favorite restaurant it's all downhill from there!

#1 Have more school spirit

Is it even possible to have more than we do?!? Go Greer Middle College Charter High School Home of the Blazers! WOOP WOOP!!