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Women in Racing

"Nobody wants to be beaten by a girl.”

Imagine you are a 12 year old girl competing against men old enough to be her father. Seconds after crossing the finish line first, one of your competitors runs up the back of your kart, over your shoulder, and tears off the left side panel of your kart. This occurred after being ran off the track during the race!

This 12 year old girl was me.

Most women racers are faced with discrimination from other guy racers. Women racers are faced with judgement from guy racers. When a girl racer drives onto the track she is determined to win but so are others, mostly men. Guys don’t want to be beaten by a girl, so they will do anything they can to win. This makes it dangerous for us girl racers. Also, off the track we hear words such as “she isn’t experienced enough to be out here with us grown men.” This was said right to my face after I ran a $200 race. The guy came across the scales and hit me and my kart dead on just because he didn’t like losing to a girl. That action put me, the tech-man, and others in danger.

Janet Guthrie was the first woman to run NASCAR . She was faced with judgment from racers and fans. People in the stands had chants such as “Get the (breasts) out of the pits”. This didn’t stop Janet from doing what she loved. She even slept in her cars and pulled her own trailers because no man thought she could run with men. It was a guy sport then, she paved the way for girl racers today. Some of her famous words were “If your desire is strong enough, anything is doable”.

Another racer that faces discrimination is Danica Patrick. She is a NASCAR driver that is driving today. Danica is the only girl racer in NASCAR she also races indy cars. When she was younger, racing bandoleros and legends cars, a lot of younger boys pushed her around and picked on her because they didn’t want to be beaten by her. It’s shown that men will be rougher with girls when racing against guys and girls. “You just have that respect for each other. But I feel like some guys just don’t respect women” says Danica.

Julia Landauer is having trouble with getting a sponsor because she is a girl. She is trying to get into NASCAR but can’t find a company to sponsor her. Without a sponsor you can’t make it in NASCAR, you’ll go broke. Julia says they don’t believe in her. She wants to prove that she is just as good as the guys. “‘I’m just like, ‘Please just get me in a car, and I’ll make you guys money’’’.

Most men believe they are better drivers. According to this site says that “Men are more experienced with cars”. It also says that men start driving at a younger age. Men are not tempted to look at there phone when driving, also most wins in racing are won by guys. The site says men can judge speed limits.

​​I disagree with these arguments claims.

First of all, I don’t believe that girls don't know about cars. One important women in my life that I look up to is Tasha Kummer, a female Late model driver. She has been around cars her entire life so have I and other girls I know. Tasha Also works on her cars and gets out there and races against tons of professional male racers and qualifies top 3. She is one of the best female drivers in the south limited late model series. Tasha was the first female to win in a late model at Greenville Pickens Speedway!

Also, I disagree with the statement that men tend to start driving earlier and that makes them more advance and better drivers than us. I was driving before I could walk, when I was four my dad put me on my first go kart. Now if equipment needs to be moved or dump trucks and rollbacks need to move I'm the one to do it. A lot of daddies tend to put their daughters behind the wheel earlier. I disagree with the fact that women tend to look at their phone more. Going down the road I see men and women on their phones, I think it's something we are all accused of. The reason for men to be winning more races than women is because they never give us a chance to run. And when we get a chance we end up being wrecked and having are cars trashed because men can’t stand to be beaten by us. Also I disagree with men being able to judge speed limits better than women. Men are mostly caught for having road rage and speeding more than women.

Women drivers need to have the chance to prove that they are just as good and competitive as men. We need to be given the chance to prove we can win. Track officials need to be more strict and stand up like they say they will if they hear any negative sayings against others especially women, we get it the worst. Girls shouldn’t fear racing, it's something we love and are good at. We need the chance to show we can race as good as the pros.