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Top 8 Reasons Why GMC is the Best High School in the State

#8 Extracurriculars

"It's got me on their fishing team," said senior Jared Christopher when asked why he considers GMC to be the best high school. We also have "one of the best cross-country teams in the state," said senior Caedmon Evans.

#7 Campus updates

A few teachers will take time out of class to give you an update on the weather, Wi-Fi, trailer park, and so on.

#6 The building

"GMC, now 100% indoors," said English teacher and Productions supervisor Mr. Lowman. Only two grade levels have memories of days in the Trailer Park making them the two classes that know just how awesome the building is. With outdoor eating options, two stories, the Learning Commons, really great bathrooms (working sinks), carpet, a paved parking lot and a NEW sidewalk to it, us Blazers have a lot to be grateful for. This includes the fact that our school does not look like a prison.

#5 Catering

"I don't know of any other school that orders food from local restaurants," said GMC parent Lucia Thomas. With Papa Johns, Firehouse Subs, Chick-fil-A, and Zaxby's delivered right to our door, catering "gives a nice variety of hot, fresh food."

#4 Unique academic opportunities

In addition to core classes, Greer Middle College offers electives like Newspaper, Nutrition, Film Production, Teacher Cadet, Service Learning, Yearbook, and Astronomy that allow students to graduate with a well rounded education. Senior Project prepares you for graduate/undergraduate work and offers a hands on, independent learning experience. Students also have the ability to take college classes in high school and attend office hours or a smart center if they need a little extra help. These "are some of the things that you would almost never find at any other school," said senior Caedmon Evans.

#3 High commitment

It takes a bet with our lottery system to get into GMC, meaning that those who apply actually want to be here. Out of this flows a select group of students who have higher commitment, are more responsible, have passion, and loads more school spirit than your typical high schoolers. How else do you think we CRUSHED our Spirit Week goal this year? Go, Blazers!!!

#2 The staff Of course, the best high school in the state would not be able to run without the world's finest faculty members. There are a lot of reasons as to why our mentors are the best, but their personal touch is the most prominent quality. "Not only are our teachers cool people who we can talk to comfortably," Caedmon said. "But they show an incredible amount of dedication towards us, the students." At the end of the day, each of our instructors care for us as much as any loving parent would. This, of course, includes our substitutes who mine as well be our best friend, mom, or grandma. And I'm just going to say that guidance and administration is one of the most under-appreciated group of individuals ever. If there is a major wreck, for example, an announcement will be sent to the staff saying, “There was an accident, don’t count them tardy.” Among other reasons, this act is excellent because it causes the students to feel understood. This shows that admin is not a big, scary monster but rather a body that can relate to the dilemmas of their students.

#1 Community feel

The best thing about GMC is that everyone knows everybody. The worst thing about GMC is that everyone knows everybody, but that's okay. Even though we each have our own cluster of friends, walls are not put up between these groups. Crossing is acceptable, and that's great. With 35% of our student body consisting of siblings, a family feel is a natural occurrence at GMC. There's a reason we will continue to exclaim "Greer Middle College Charter High School HOME of the Blazers get fired up woo!"