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Miss GMC results

GMC StuGo is proud to announce the winners of the 7th annual Miss GMC pageant.

Freshman Winners:

Miss Congeniality- Janice Soto

Miss Photogenic- Dinah Rogers

Runner Up- Mackenzie Joyce

Miss Freshman- Dinah Rogers

Sophomore Winners:

Miss Congeniality- Zoe Feser

Miss Photogenic- Victoria Bass

Runner Up- Victoria Bass

Miss Sophomore- Roxy Stefannaci

Junior Winners:

Miss Congeniality- Olivia Kissinger

Miss Photogenic- Taylor Belue

Runner Up- Emily Jennings

Miss Junior- Taylor Belue

Senior Winners:

Miss Congeniality- Jessica Candid

Miss Photogenic- Jessica Kuria

Miss Senior- Ruth Rogers

Miss GMC- Jessica Kuria

People's Choice- Olivia Kissinger

The event took place Saturday, February 24 at 7:00 PM at the Bonds Career Center in Greer, SC.

Kelley Bailey, GMC StuGo sponsor, would like to thank Joel Frans, Ashley Hunter, Paula Rouse, and Jimmy Armstrong for their help.