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A Feel for the Moore's

Julie Moore and daughter Sheila Moore have been coexisting in Greer Middle College Charter High School going on four years now, Julie Moore has been working at GMC for nine years now. While most just know the separate faces and names, there is a closer relationship deep in the boundaries of their school lives.

Sheila Moore, a senior at GMC, says a pro to having her mother close by at school would be that “her classroom is a place to do homework if I need to.” While many would love the chance to have a dedicated room to be your study hall, Sheila Moore has stepped up the game by creating her very own private room to study.

As she continues to co-occur with her mother, she finds high school with your mother is quite relieving. “If I ever need lunch money or a paper signed she is right there.” So for Sheila, there is no need to contact her mother to remind her about pressing needs.

Although there are many pros to having your mother coexist with you during school hours Sheila says, “there aren’t many cons to having your mother work at the same school.” However, “she knows my teachers, so she has easy access to see how I am doing in my classes.” How does Sheila hide her grades? Impossible!

Mrs. Moore says a pro to coexist within the boundaries of school is “when [Sheila] has difficulties in school it is easier to help her because [Mrs. Moore] know[s] the teachers and their expectations.” What a chance, no more explaining to your mom the details and importance of a school assignment! Mrs. Moore has set the bar higher for all mothers trying to help their child with their school by knowing what the teachers expect out of the assignments they give.

Academic help is not all the lovely Mrs. Moore gives her daughter. When she goes to Sheila’s sporting events, “it helps [her] get familiar with [her] other students because [she is] at the events that Sheila goes to and supports them as well.” What a mom! While most mothers only go to sporting events, to cheer for their kid, this mom goes to cheer everybody on.

Getting sentimental, Mrs. Moore says, “It allows us to spend more time together, we can hang out and eat lunch together, we also have more time to talk about and discuss.” The mother, daughter bond seems to have grown throughout the years. Mrs. Moore tells us, “I enjoy having her around.” Who knew going to the same school as your mom could be such a hoot! “It has been a blessing,” Mrs. Moore said. “I really enjoy having her with me all four years.” However, Mrs. Moore says, “Some days it is hard for me to separate teacher and mom in certain situations.” Particular circumstances may present themselves, and you are unable to hold back your inner mom.

Mrs. Moore and daughter Sheila Moore have a teacher, daughter relationship like no other. Though they may have different sets of opinions, they always cherish the times they have with each other.