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Food for Thought

Should GMC start offering healthier lunch options?

The cafeteria food at GMC does not support a healthy lifestyle, with the only options being processed snacks and greasy fast food with little to no nutritional value.

Due to this scarcity of whole foods, students are unable to buy a snack that will actually sustain good brain function and energy. Many students find that bringing their own meals is the only way to get all the nutrients they need. For the students who don’t have the time to pack a lunch they either have to wait until 3pm to eat or buy something that is comprised primarily of sugar and empty calories.

Due to this dilemma, eating is no longer something that serves to strengthen and replenish students, but has become a source of worry and regret. Symptoms of a poor diet can be eating disorders and dietary diseases such as diabetes and food allergies. Following a diet of whole, and preferably plant-based, foods can help alleviate the qualms of eating.

Without this option, GMC students are being deprived of the right to become their best selves. Along with becoming more intellectually and innately mature, students should be given the opportunity to better their health as well. Part of being an involved and educated person is being aware of the effects of one’s diet. Without this information being presented to students they are not being educated on the world. There is more than one way to eat, and the healthier way just so happens to be the one that feeds not only your body, but your mind and the environment.

The point of an school is to become more educated and through that education develop a more objective outlook on life. If we are the objective people we claim to be, we must extend that objectivity towards the way we think about our bodies. When we integrate healthy habits into our daily routines, we are acting on an objective decision of what is best for our minds and bodies.