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Favorite Teachers & Why

Student Opinions

Name: Ansley Mason Favorite Teacher: Mr. Lowman Opinion: I think Mr. Lowman is my favorite because he helps you with problems that are both school and un-school related. He is someone you can trust and talk to when you’re having a rough day.

Name: Kelsey Craig Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Rouse Opinion: She is my favorite because I loved having her last year because she talks to us with respect and treats us as equals. I definitely felt like I could trust her and I loved her projects!

Teacher Opinion

Name: Mr. Lowman Favorite Teacher: Ms. Deborah Hobbs Opinion: He first had Ms. Hobbs when I was a Junior in high school. She taught the only English 4 Honors class and was known for being an intimidating and unforgiving teacher. However, over the course of the semester, we grew close, and she shared a number of her favorite novels with me. Mr. Lowman said “meeting an adult outside of my family that loved to read and had turned something they enjoyed into a career inspired to become an English teacher.”