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Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a new club making its debut at GMC. The club is based on talking about argumentative topics in a civilized way. The club is headed by Sydney Spellman. She described the club as “people come together and we talk about whatever you want to talk about.” Spellman went on to say “we encourage you to think for yourself and have your opinion.” The club was deprived from a club Spellman’s brother attended while in college. They plan to meet on Thursdays. The first meeting was on Thursday, February 15. If you don't have time to head over to a meeting, make sure you check out their Instagram page: The club plans to post 1-2 days before they discuss a topic for anyone interest in attending. You can also send in your favorite topic on their direct message and, as Spellman says, “talk about what you want to talk about.” The meetings will continue to be on Thursdays at 7:20 AM. Ms. Schonar is happy to have anyone attend but leave your coffee in the car. She hates the smell!

The Forge wishes good luck to Sydney and all of the others in the club.