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This Genre Is The Best Because....

There are many book genres out in the literary world for many different types of people. Some of the most popular books are Science-Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, and Mystery. Everyone has a different kind of book they love to read, or favorite section to head to in the library, especially at GMC where opinions on which genre is the best vary from each other.

Annalena Griffin's favorite genre is Science-Fiction because “it's kinda like an escape from reality. Anything can happen in a good fantasy novel.” Griffin said.

Daniel Orr agreed with Griffin saying, "They are the best because I like to be able to imagine the worlds that the books are in since usually it's another world. I just love all the action and adventure qualities all rolled into one and sometimes there are even aliens!”

Dylan Suttles says she loves to read any type of Fiction book, but the very best are Adventure books because they “are just a thrill for [her] to read, they suck you into the story, and you can't put the book down.”

Louden Craig and Jacob Matheny agree that Fantasy is the best genre. Matheny says he loves Fiction because “[he] like[s] all the unreal aspects of the books, it's like a whole other world.” Craig agreed with him saying, “Fantasy is interesting because you never know what's gonna happen, they could add in anything new at any time.”

Tristen Thomas took her own path to find something a little more real by saying her favorite genre is Historical Fiction. “It appeals perfectly to my taste for fact and fantasy,” says Thomas.

Hearing all the reasons behind their favorite types of different genres caused me to consider my opinion. After careful thought and deliberation, I regard Mystery as the best! I love how this type of book will purposely keep you guessing the entire time. When the author mixes in a romance with the mystery, I can promise it will soon be my favorite book!

No matter what your favorite genre is, it is essential to read and be willing to share your favorite books with your favorite people. You may even like the same kind, and it will make your friendship stronger. We all like different things so go out, get a book, and form your opinion.