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Walkouts in Solidarity

Wednesday March 14, nationwide, thousands of students exited their schools in solidarity for those who have died in due to gun violence.

Because many students are under 18 and cannot vote, they feel they cannot create a change in the political climate.

Walking out of school was a motive of showing that despite their age adolescents will quite literally stand up for what they believe in.

The controversy over these walkouts arise when school administration began issuing referrals and other disciplinary actions towards those walking out.

GMC Junior Abbey Runion offers her perspective on the issue, and her reasoning for participating.

“Walking out was my way of taking a stand for what I believe. To me, the consequences seemed insignificant compared to the impact it could create both locally and nationally.”

GMC Senior Sydney Spellman also provides her experience and feelings towards the communities response to the walkouts:

“I realize that this created a lot of controversy at GMC. I’ve heard both teachers and students trash talking the people who walked out. With that, I see a lot of hate and misunderstandings. At the end of the day, a group of students who, despite the consequences, stood up for what they believe in, and I think that’s respectable no matter the situation. Many people thought it was useless and dumb, and they never asked why we walked out. I think if they were to ask, they would realize that we walked out for more reasons than they think. Personally, I didn’t do it to incite change at GMC, but rather I did it to support the students who are fighting for change in their schools. I did it to support to 17 people that died, and the countless others that have died due to gun violence. I did it to be a part of a larger cause fighting for better gun laws. I did it because I would have hated myself if I did not. I didn’t do it to protest against GMC. I didn’t do it to for attention or just to get out of class. I did it for the people who lost their lives, and for the people who are currently fighting to save lives. And for that, I have no shame.”