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Top 10 1980s Candies

We have all seen the candy at lunch, but have you ever wondered what year it was made? You will be surprised after reading all these dates to find that some of your favorite candies actually come from the 1980s. When we found this big box of 80s candies, we decided to have some fun. We tried all of these candies, and this is our "first" reaction to them for the second time.

#1 Nerds - 1983

“They are sour but so pretty!” -Ansley Mason

#2 Cow Tales - 1984

“Is this even caramel?” -Kelsey Craig

#3 Skittles - 1982

“They have a wax covering that's actually kinda hard.” -Tristen Thomas

#4 Airheads - 1986

“The red ones look like tongues.” -Ansley Mason

#5 Sour Patch Kids - 1985

“They were kinda sour and kinda sweet but then they were just gone.” -Kelsey Craig

#6 Gummy Worms - 1983

“THEY HAVE FACES!” -Briana Hearn

#7 Ring Pops - 1986

“They look like crystals. It’s so pretty!” -Tristen Thomas

#8 Runtz - 1982

“The orange and red are the best ones but they taste like chalk.” -Ansley Mason

#9 Hubba Bubba Tape - 1986

“It kinda taste like flour.” -Kelsey Craig

#10 Big League Chew - 1980

“This gum freaks me out.” -Briana Hearn