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Top 10 Prom Life Hacks

#1 Create a prom checklist to make sure you have everything done!

#2 (Girls) Always do a trial run: makeup, dress, shoes. Have everything on before the big night to make sure it’s perfect.

#3 If you are using bobby pins, spray them with hairspray before putting them in. This ensures that they will stay in throughout the whole night.

#4 Don’t forget to grab an extra charger for your phone! Taking pictures at prom is essential, so don’t miss the moment just because your phone is dead!

#5 To prevent your heels from slipping on the dance floor, rub sandpaper on the bottom.

#6 Bring some samples of deodorant or perfume with you, just in case…

#7 Home remedies for acne! Apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and tea tree oil!

#8 Use a blow dryer and socks to break in new heals! Wear your socks with your heals and blow dry them!

#9 If you ladies are looking into a spray tan, look no further for similar results. Take some lotion and about two tablespoons of cocoa powder. Mix them together and apply it to your skin!

#10 The best way to have fun at prom is to not stress too much over the little things or over what you cannot control.