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Fashion Show Review

Adeline Maycan’s Senior Project was a fashion show for the ages. Literally. Her designs included both up-cycled and handmade pieces that where inspired by the 1900s-2000s. The title of her show was “20th Century Rebel Chic.” Maycan created a total of 12 outfits that truly reflected this title by embodying the rebellious fashion of their corresponding decades. Her representation of clothing through the various eras was surprisingly alternative and yet was still able to achieve an iconic and extremely well put together look.

Models in the show were other members of the senior class and each outfit was specifically crafted for each individual. Including Maycan, there were eight models who showcased the outfit’s historical inspiration and modern influence.

Turnout at the event was great. Spectators met at Coffee Underground and the show lasted for 30 minutes. There was an encouraging amount of positive critique at the end of the show as the audience stuck around to talk to both the models and the designer.

GMC teachers Cathy Teel and Ella Kate Myers were Maycan’s Senior Project graders but other teachers like Kelly Bailey, Laura Sawicki, and Crystal Earl were also there showing support.

Overall, Maycan’s show was a huge success. She says, “The show went as well as I could have hoped. The stress was definitively high but I was thankful for everyone who came through to help and support me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my senior project but I am extremely happy that it is over.”