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Senior Project Showcase

Greer Middle College hosted their very first Senior Project Showcase on April 12, 2018. The array of project and internship displays bordered the hallways of GMC. Students lined up a variety of projects such as the refurbishing of motorhomes, original books, composition of music, and many more. The students were able to obtain their own personality throughout the project process, as well as branching out of their comfort zones.

Carolina Lara decided to learn about something completely different like creating pottery. As the final product, she created a kitchen set consisting of mugs, bowls, and plates. Adeline Maycan and Ruth Rogers decided to focus their project on something they have a passion for.

Adeline created a line of clothing and presented the articles in a fashion show that was open to the public. She chose a project that targeted a topic she loved. Likewise, Ruth Rogers created a composition of poetry, something that has always peaked her interest.

On the other hand, Jesse Breazeale hosted a magic show that he organized and put together himself. His show was a major hit according to those who attended.

Every student who took part in Senior Project did a spectacular job, showing off the tremendous amount of hard work they put in. Those who did not complete a project interacted with the community by doing an internship.

Kat Weaver interned at Junior Achievement, helping and interacting with children. Sydney Spellman partnered with the Greenville Zoo and helped animals as well the atmosphere surrounding them.

Internship places were limited, but the students that took part in them worked extremely hard and designed a presentation.

In conclusion, the showcase was an amazing addition to GMC’s Internship and Senior Project program.