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Oracle: A Review

Oracle, GMC’s latest Senior Project, is a triumph of the struggle that is senior year. Created by Jesse Breazeale, this show utilizes heavy audience participation, a stellar soundtrack, and sheer talent. If you are into David Blaine Street Magic 2, then this show is for you.

All joking aside, Breazeale weaves a stellar show which leaves the audience awed. Combining traditional tricks with boggling mind games, the show’s premise, paradoxical, is found throughout.

“A lot was inspired by Derren Brown,” says Breazeale of the acts in the show. A few acts were completely original but drew inspiration from multiple sources. The original yet classic feel of the show combines the traditional birthday party magician with the understated Las Vegas mentalist.

Despite the difficulty of planning, the show is polished and professional.

"The hardest part was February," says Breazeale. "When the first venue fell through. I had to find a new one within two weeks."

Considering the trials of Senior Project, this show is doubly impressive.

The show was so popular that Oracle will be coming back on Tuesday, May 15. Tickets are on sale for $5 here or in person.