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Eight Iconic (Clean) Vines

Vines are a means of communication in youth culture. Whether they use diction or situational irony, these vines are icons in their own right.

#1 Road work ahead? Uhhh yeah I sure hope it does. As a staple of vine culture, this vine is iconic due to its quotability. The joy of seeing the reflective, orange sign from a distance and yelling at the top of your lungs is unparalleled.

#2 Zach, stop. You’re gonna get in trouble. Why is kicking so bad? What sort of twisted society does this vine take place in where Zach’s actions are a punishable offense? This vine causes more questions than it answers which is why it truly an iconic vine.

#3 Hi, welcome to Chili's. The key components of this vine are the haunting, high pitched timbre of the viner and minimalistic outfit he chooses to wear. These aspects are combined to create an iconic masterpiece which transcends all known laws of physics.

#4 Ahhh stop. I could’ve dropped my croissant. This vine evokes sympathy within the watcher due to the relatable terror of possibly dropping a flaky, warm French pastry. The simplicity of this vine is what sets it apart from the rest and makes it iconic.

#5 FRESHAVACADOO. This icon of youth culture integrates a millennial classic, vines, with another millennial classic, avocados. The joy the viner has at making this discovery as well as the misplaced letters on the sign make this a vine that will go down in history.

#6 It’s actually not that kind of chip. While somewhat unknown, this vine has a comedic value that has yet to be unmatched. The confusion of the cashier and the smugness of the customer are feats of acting brilliance.

#7 It is Wednesday, my dudes. I honestly have nothing to say about this vine. I just really really like it.

#8 Kevin, Kevin. Don’t, dude. Watch the light, dude. The subject of the admonition, Kevin, displays a brash sense of authority. His cockiness results is what makes for an ironic and iconic vine.