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Senior Recruits

The senior year as a whole is a world of excitement. Everyone wants to be remembered by something whether it’s hitting their grades out the park or winning the championship for once and even just being a better person. The legacy you leave behind in high school is your own choice.

Some of our senior athletes have been working extra hard this season and have been rewarded in turn for those long days and extra practices needed to get them as far as they’ve gotten. Jacob Richardson, Ali Sigmon, Cameron McCracken, and Lauren Sigmon were all in attendance to the GMC hosted signing day for their individual colleges on February 7th.

The ceremony began with Lauren Sigmon signing to University of South Carolina Aiken. Lauren’s parents, Will and Barbara Sigmon, along with her grandmother and team mom, Ms. Shelly Bishop, attended her ceremony with proud smiles on their faces and excitement for her next adventures.

Lauren states she will be majoring in Biology and when asked how she felt about the season she said “I start this fall and I am a utility player so I won’t be benched much. I’ll be moving from home and I’ve always dreamt of getting a scholarship so I feel very achieved with making 14 years of soccer under my belt a well earned achievement.”

Following Lauren was Jacob Richardson who signed with Spartanburg Methodist College for golf. His parents Richard and Michelle Richardson along with his good pal and student body president Bryson Bargar and Ms. Bailey with her entire first period to support Jacob in his achievements. When I asked him why he chose to attend SMC he said, “They offered me a good scholarship and I really liked the school.” He will be majoring in Architecture and playing on SMCs home courses, River Falls and Rolling Greens.

The last two recruits who could not attend the signing day because of other circumstances was Ali Sigmon and Cameron McCracken. Ali and Cameron are both soccer recruits and have played on our schools team since they’ve been attending. Cameron McCracken will be attending Coker College whilst Ali Sigmon will be playing for Bob Jones University in the fall. Ali will be majoring in pre-med or nursing and when asked why she chose BJU she said, “I chose this school because of the variety of majors and their awesome soccer team.”

Our principal Mr. Jimmy Armstrong and assistant principal Mr. James Dillard were also in attendance to celebrate these students and their great accomplishments with the rest of us who were proud of their great achievements. Before Ali and Lauren left they stated “Us and soccer are one!” with a huge smile.

Also, ​Alex Golliher signed with Southern Wesleyan's Tennis Team. Alex has been playing tennis for six years and has been a part of the Riverside Tennis Team for the past four. This year she was number three on the Riverside Varsity Tennis Team led by Coach Elsey.

GMC is so proud of all of our senior athletes and their accomplishments!