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Teacher Prom

Have you ever wondered which of our teachers went to prom and what they looked like? Well, luckily for you, we here at The Forge did too. Some of our teachers at GMC sent in their information and pictures from prom, and we love it! Below is some of the information we received:

Ella Kate Meyers Mrs. Meyers said that all of her prom experiences were great! Every year her date was a different guy friend, but they always went with a big group of friends so it was a less "romantic" setting and, of course, they all had a blast! (Side note: junior and senior year she had her dress before she had a date. She was going to prom with or without a date!). Her freshman year, Mrs. Meyers and her date went with a group of upperclassmen. She said that this was a little intimidating but, since her best friend was there, they had a great time.

“First necessity is to make sure you're not taking prom too seriously," said Mrs. Bailey on the subject of prom tips. "It's a time to have fun with your friends and there should be no more pressure than that on the evening! Second necessity (for the ladies in particular) is to make sure you have on comfortable shoes for dancing! Too many years I spent good money on fancy uncomfortable shoes and ended up in flip-flops at the actual dance. Final necessity would be to make sure you let loose and have a good time. Prom only comes around once a year and if you don't make the most of it, you will certainly regret it later in life. I don't remember much from high school, but my Prom experiences are certainly something I look back on and enjoy reminiscing about!”

Denise Clark This is Mrs. Clark’s Senior Prom picture from 1981. She shared that the guy in the photo was her high school sweetheart and that they are still married today. “My prom experience was memorable,” Mrs. Clark said.

Senior Prom was her very first dress-up date and her mom was very strict. Mrs. Clark was very excited to be out of the house and with other couples. She and her group ate at a fancy restaurant heading to the dance. Mrs. Clark said that she felt different because everyone else had on pageant dresses and full-blown makeup while Mrs. Clark's mom made her prom dress.

“Some necessities everyone should know about prom," Mrs. Clark says. "Is to try not to compare your beauty to anyone else. Be yourself, and that should be enough. Most of all HAVE FUN and soak up the memories!!”