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Blazers Stun Eau Claire in 8-0 Victory in Playoffs

The Greer Middle College Girls' Soccer team defeated the Eau Claire High School Shamrocks 8-0, picking up a shutout win in the opening round of the playoffs.

The Blazers, who went 6-4 in the regular season, opened the State playoffs with a match against Eau Claire High School, who went 3-14. The team looks to make another deep playoff run with the echoes of last year's semi-final game in the distance.

The Blazers started the game strong, scoring the first goal a little over a minute into the match. No less than four minutes later, the Blazers would take a 2-0 lead. In fifteen minutes they would extend the lead by another two goals, notching their fourth of the night.

The Blazers were running away with the game, scoring their seventh goal 25 minutes in. At this point, the team shifted to a defensive focus until the halftime whistle. They would only score one more goal in the second half, bringing it to a final score of 8-0.

"We didn't need the goals," said Courtney Garrett who played forward, "just possession." This is in reference to the fact that the offensive attack of the Blazers would be just strong enough to hold possession, but not too strong as to extend the lead any further.

Sydney Langley, a center midfielder, said " [we] did a good job of keeping possession, making connections and communication." She hopes to use this experience moving forward to the next round against Brashier Middle College, stating that "technical ability beats aggression."

Head coach Brooke Porter said that for this game she "put some girls in positions they hadn't played," as many of the underclassmen will need to fill the roles left open by this year's Seniors.

She and several members of the team expressed the fact they are ready for their next opponent, which will be a rivalry match against the Bengals. "Coming off a big win, we need to focus and get ready for Brashier," said Garrett.

The team is looking forward to the match and seeing the GMC student body support their team. "Playing against Brashier, it always is [fun], we're matched skill-wise," said Porter.

The boys' soccer team is set to face off against Saluda on Tuesday, May 1st and the girls' team will face Brashier away on Wednesday, May 2nd.