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What Not to Write in Your Yearbook

So, you've gotten your yearbook. What now?

Maybe you start to look for yourself throughout the pages, searching for your picture. You may begin to start looking for the weirdest pictures of your friends so you can show them to laugh with them. One of the biggest traditions with yearbooks, however, is signing them. You take a pen and write a note or something witty in someone else's book, sign your name and hand it back.

Simple, right? Of course, there are some types of things you should never, under no circumstances ever write in someone else's book.

1. Big signatures.

We get it. You feel important. You want to take up as much space as possible on the page, leaving no space for anyone else's writing. If you wish to sign large, at the very least use a thin pen.

2. H.A.G.S.

Is this middle school? I'm sorry you can't come up with anything more creative than an acronym that sounds like you are pointing out a group of grungy women. What's even worse than this is that it's time sensitive, it only stays relevant for the next three months at best. When you look back at this book 20 years in the future, it will mean literally nothing.

3. Certain drawings.

I'm not going to go too far in-depth on this one. I think you know exactly what I mean by this.

4. Bad puns.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good pun. But I speak from experience when I say you should not walk up to a math teacher asking them to sine your yearbook.

5. Long-winded notes.

It's called a yearbook, which implies I wish to finish reading it within a year. You can't put a word count on friendship, so for Pete's sake just keep it relatively short.

6. Hashtags.

It's a yearbook, not Facebook. Besides, when you look back at it several years in the future, hashtags might not even exist anymore. Either that or hashtags will be everywhere.

7. Writing anywhere except a blank page.

There is plenty of space to write your name on the blank sheets provided. Your school picture is not a collectible trading card waiting for your valuable signature.

Obviously, these are all tongue-in-cheek. Do whatever you like as long as the owner is okay with it. These books are, of course, a memento of the people that you surround yourself with and everyone is their own individual character. However, everyone will still judge you if you write H.A.G.S., there's no escaping from that fact.