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Late Night Horror Stories

Read, if you dare…

Good Boy

One night, a young girl is sleeping in her bed. She hears footsteps outside her door and slowly opens her eyes to see what is happening. She sees her door swing open and starts to get up to see what it is as her dog jumps onto her bed. “Oh, its just you. Good boy,” she says as she pets her dog and settles back into bed. “It was just the dog," she tells herself. "Nothing to worry about.” The next morning, the girl wakes up to get ready for school. When she sets her foot onto the floor she feels something unusual. It is her mother and father dead along with a note written in their blood on the wall. “It’s not always just the dog…”

What a Good Teacher

A teacher was having to work late at school. He was sitting at his desk going over the next chapter he would be teaching when he heard a knock from his cabinet. He ignored it at first, thinking it was the air conditioning. A few minutes later, however, it came again...knocking...this time louder and longer. He quickly got up and went to his cabinet to see what was inside. Just as he was about to pull the handle he heard it again, knocking, from his desk now. He walked quickly back to his desk. As he started to pull the drawer open he heard it again, knocking, from his class binder. The binder shook and moved around the desk. As the teacher backed away, all other books in the room began to shake. The teacher ran out of the room and closed the door. He heard knocking inside of his classroom as he ran away and a small voice say “see you tomorrow.”


One day after school, a girl was helping her little brother learn his new vocabulary. The first grade class was learning words about household items like couch, kitchen, and bathroom. The girl thought she would start by asking the little boy what he saw in each room. They went to the kitchen.

“Okay!" She exclaimed. "What do you see?”

The little boy smiled and replied, “Fridge! Chips! Stove!”

“Good job!” The girl said. They went to the bathroom. “Okay, what do you see in here?” She asked.

The boy smiled even wider and exclaimed, “Toilet! Shower! Sink!”

“Great!” She said, smiling. “One more room,” the girl told her brother.

He hopped down the hallway to the next room. They were now in the girl's room.

“What's in here?” She asked for the final time.

He hopped with excitement and exclaimed, "Bed! Pillow! Leo!” The little boy laughed and spun around his sister.

She grabbed his shoulders. “Hold on, hold on," she said. "What is a Leo?”

“Leo is my friend,” the little brother said.

“Oh, really?" The older sister said. "And what does Leo do?”

The boy motioned for her to lean down. “I'm not supposed to say," he whispered. "He told me not to”

“It’s okay," the girl assured him. "You can tell me.” She leaned in closer.

“Leo says he’s lived here forever and his job is to watch you.”