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Teacher Friendships

Teel & Davis Ms. Teel and Mrs. Davis have been friends since K-5. That’s a long time! They went to elementary school, middle school, high school, and college together and Ms. Teel was Mrs. Davis’ bridesmaid. I would love to have my best friend in my wedding! Earlier on Mrs. Davis’s wedding day, the bride and bridesmaids took group pictures and then had to scrub Mrs. Davis’ wedding dress because she had gotten mud all over it.

Ms. Teel and Mrs. Davis love to drink coffee, watch old movies, eat Chick-fil-A, and hang out together after school on a regular basis. During school, you can find them on the science hallway upstairs teaching their science classes. For Presidents’ Day this year, they toured Biltmore House!

Cook & Gallion Mr. Cook and Mr. Gallion met three years ago here at school on the first day that teachers were scheduled to report. Mr. Gallion says he remembers helping Mr. Cook move into his classroom and thinking he seemed like a pretty nice guy. They just happened to share a planning period so, when another teacher was using Mr. Cook’s portable, he'd often hang out in Mr. Gallion’s classroom. Mr. Cook has been over to Mr. Gallion’s house once for the Solar Eclipse and they have also met for lunch a few times when school was out, but not a whole lot. Mr. Gallion said that they both communicate a good amount through texting and social media.