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Time to Say Goodbye

Over the last four years, Greer Middle College has seen significant growth.

1) Thanks to our continuous professional development and strong student growth, our school has become nationally recognized.

2) Our community support has grown through our senior project/internship model and outreach.

3) We have maintained or improved our core assessment results and graduation rate.

4) You are part of an organization that is financially stable with projected growth for fiscal year 19.

5) You are a member of an organization that will be recognized by our charter district as a school of distinction in our FIRST year as a member.

6) Most of you endured the portables to be in a building that we can be proud of moving forward in.

7) Finally, our Board leadership has been consistent, secure, and stable.

With that said, Mr. Armstrong’s time at GMC has come to an end.

“It has to do with opportunity and looking at the big picture,” Mr. Armstrong said. From GMC he will be going to the Anderson Institute of Technology where he will be the assistant executive director for instruction and student services. “This next step will be part of helping young people get better,” Mr. Armstrong said. “A lot of young people.” The building, whose construction will conclude in August of 2019, will house 18 programs related to Career and Technology Education (CATE) and serve Anderson School Districts three, four, and five. “This is a unique opportunity to combine the efforts of [three] school districts [into] one building and one goal,” Mr. Armstrong said. Industry and advanced manufacturing are expanding in the Upstate of South Carolina, and he gets to be a part of this big puzzle by making sure they have the workforce necessary to complete industry set expectations.

During his last few weeks as principal, Mr. Armstrong will be working alongside the rest of GMC’s staff to close out our fiscal year, which ended on June 30. “There is a great deal of [paperwork] related to finances and academic work that must be completed,” Mr. Armstrong said. There are also some maintenance and technology issues related to the building that need to be scheduled before students return in August. “Hopefully that will be completed by the end of July.”

Mr. Armstrong will remain in place as principal until July 9 at which time the Search Committee will appoint an Interim Principal until a new Principal is hired. If a new Principal has been hired by that time, an Interim Principal will not be selected.

The Search Committee will consist of four board members, two teachers, and one parent for a total of seven members. Debbie Rhodes will also advise the committee as a non-voting member during the search process. Eddie Burch will lead the Search Committee including Patty Baucom, John Short, and Donna Smith. The teachers and parent involved will be selected by the board while Mr. Armstrong has offered to go over the financial and academic processes with the new hire.

For details on the jobs qualifications, click here.

“I might add,” said board member Eddie Burch. “We are looking for a principal/administrator that is versed in the process of developing budgets. This is somewhat of a unique trait for many principals working in the public school systems.”

One of the primary objectives of this nationwide search is to find a principal that’s a great fit at GMC. “Mr. Armstrong is the model we will use in our search for his replacement,” said board member Donna Smith. A principal’s ability and desire to interact with students is crucial because it is this characteristic that will help maintain the family atmosphere we have here at GMC. An approachable leader that maintains open communications with both students and staff also fosters school spirit and encourages the continued success of GMC. “Though it is hard to see Mr. Armstrong go,” Mr. Burch said. “The board of directors hopes this search for a new administrator will create opportunity for the continued growth and improvement of this great school.”

When asked what he is going to miss about GMC, Mr. Armstrong’s answer was simple and straightforward: students and teachers. “The interactions we had over the last [four] years were wonderful,” he said. “The parent support is truly a blessing to this school and organization.”

Concerning any advice, parting words, or final encouragement, Mr. Armstrong said, “Keep doing what you do. It takes many more people than just one person to run this show.” He knows that we will continue to accomplish great things and hopes to return to see a groundbreaking ceremony for an activity center/gym in the not too distant future. “As I embark on a new journey,” Mr. Armstrong said. “I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of GMC.”

Of course, we will miss Mr. Armstrong, and wish him nothing but the best in the next step of his career in education. In the words of Eddie Burch and Donna Smith, we will be forever grateful for Mr. Armstrong’s vision, leadership, and love of our school and students.