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Pros & Cons of Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be tough. Whether it's meeting someone that lives far away or a person in the relationship needing to move away for a period of time. There are positives and negatives to everything in the world, and I am here to deliver the five tips that make relationships worth it and the five situations to avoid.


1. Getting to know him/her

It's always fun getting to know people you don't really get to see. You learn new things about that person. Since they do not live near you, it's very easy to talk about things you don't really talk about to others.

2. Dedication

Being in a relationship with someone so far almost guarantees that you are devoted, dedicated, and in it for the long run. You would not date someone that you've never seen unless you were crazy about that person, and wanted nobody else but them.

3. Excellent communication skills

Being that you cannot talk in person, the main way you communicate is probably going to be texting or calling. This will lead to very strong communication skills because the context clues of being together in person are not there, so you have to learn it all from a distance.

4. Time is much, much more valuable

After being apart for a while, you will want to talk to them more and see them all the time. The feeling of being together will feel better than it normally would.

5. Everyone needs a break

Being in a long distance relationship means that you must spend time away from your partner. It is always nice to have some time alone and away from your significant other. While sometimes the amount of time is not ideal, everybody needs a break at some point.


1. Internet Problems

You may have plans to sit down and Skype or FaceTime for an hour, only to find out it is under maintenance or your internet is down. However, nothing is worse than being in the middle of a call to find out that your connection has been lost, or talking on the phone only to lose service.

2. Jealousy

Being apart for so long, and being so far away, there are times when you will fight. Thoughts will start to form in your head about just what exactly the other person could be doing. “Oh my word, is she/he cheating on me?!” Well, there is really no sure way to tell.

3. Feelings of loneliness and not being wanted

It doesn't feel the best when your partner is out hanging with friends and you are spending the night inside watching TV. There will be times when your significant other is busy, and you sit by the phone and wait for what seems like ages for a reply, and then find out that they simply just forgot to reply.

4. Misunderstandings

You might live in different time zones, you may text in a different style, or you may simply be having a bad day. Arguments are much harder to settle over internet, and it is much easier to ignore your partner. You may say something and mean something totally different, but they don’t realize it and get upset.

5. Breakups If both of you end on a bad note, you might not ever see that person again. Breakups are harder over text because you can't see how each other feels when they get told the bad news.