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Girls Golf Recap

The Girls golf Team is working hard towards their goal of getting into the state tournament this year. Last year Kelsey Craig, Madison Davis, Sarah Doster, Delia Parker and Alyssa Waddell took the girls golf team to the state tournament for the first time in 6 years. Previously, to qualify for the state tournament a team of four players must collectively shoot under 425. The girls, who were all within their first two years of playing on the team, took the team to state with a 424.

The rules for state have been changed this year to make the competition a bit more prestigious. The directors of the tournament decreased the amount of strokes allowed a team to 400 maximum to qualify for state in upper-state. The girls took this as a personal challenge. The decided to practice during the summer and all play during the summer. Before their first match they played two scrimages against Landrum and Blue Ridge High School. We have played two matches since the season began and are playing another today at Verdae Golf Course and teeing off at 4:00.

The coach, Eddie Waddell, looked into the the final score of last year's first match and compared it to the first match of this year. We bested our score by 16 strokes and by 9 strokes on all of our nine hole matches last year. When asked how she saw this season going for the team, Madison Davis said, “This season, I know that we will play at the best of our abilities and have fun while doing it. No matter how far we go, we will still have the lasting friendships we have made while on the team”. Delia Parker is also trying hard to better the team by shooting a 47, her best score on nine in a match.The entire team is working hard to do their best this year, to get into state again even though it has become so exclusive. The Forge will keep you up to date on the team's successes and hopefully later a review on their state experience.