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Is the Senior Walk That Important?

The Senior Walk. Something of a rite of passage for most. Some say that it is not important, just walking down the sidewalk in front of the underclassmen. I, however, believe that is actually is. We have senior walks in hopes of you continuing in their footsteps and graduating alongside your friends and classmates. It is also just something to give to the seniors for making it this far and actually becoming seniors. They get to be celebrated for just being seniors. We use it as a sort of reward, but for others it is a way to inspire. This is happening everywhere, in Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and so many more. The seniors will go back to their old elementary school and walk through the halls to show the younger children that they made it and they can to. It is a way for the new graduates to inspire the younger children to graduate and be successful.

The senior walk is to inspire younger children so that they can continue just as you have. This is happening everywhere, with the hopes that it will inspire others. We should not only have the Senior Walk here but also at elementary schools. We are here because we are going to make it and graduate, but the same cannot be said for the younger children in elementary schools. Young children can still drop out when they get to high school, but seeing someone like them who has graduated might give them the motivation to keep going. GMC should have the Senior Walk in other schools and not only here. We are already here and inspired to keep going, but these children need to see what they can accomplish as well.

You might say, "Why are we doing this? How will this even effect children in their future?" Well, if you were a small child, and you saw someone older walking through the halls and being cheered for you would want that too. Seeing someone older being celebrated for just graduating would be so big for a little kid. The thought of growing up big and strong and successful would definitely inspire a child to keep going year after year. That is why GMC should also participate in this practice to inspire the local children to keep going as well. These children might not know anyone else they can look up to that has graduated, so seeing someone that has would be amazing for them.

In conclusion, the Senior Walk is very important. Not only for the seniors, who will go through their own right of passage in their school career, but also for the children. The children need this more than anyone so they can see that they can make it too. We should not just do the Senior Walk for us, but for the children.