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If you have been at GMC for any period of time, you have likely seen a certain trio of girls continuously laughing and having meaningful conversations. It seems that Bailey Alana, Faith Monroe, and Karleigh Evans have always been friends but, of course, every friendship begins somewhere. "Karleigh and I met two years before we met Faith," Bailey began. She was living out of state at the time but came to South Carolina to visit family and went with them to their youth group. "It was Bailey’s first time going to our youth group," Karleigh said. "My cousin was a leader at the youth group and told me about Karleigh in advance, wanting her and I to become friends," Bailey shared. After the message, Bailey followed her cousin into a group time where she finally met Karleigh. "We both just kicked it off from the start," Bailey said. "We started talking and then we figured out that we were going to go [to] the same high school," Karleigh recalled. "Both of us were in [eighth] grade at the time." After that night, however, Karleigh and Bailey didn't see each other until school started. As the time until the first day of high school decreased, the trio's prayers for friends (or more than one, in Karleigh and Bailey's case) increased. "I really wanted friends that I could be real with," Karleigh said, but she "didn’t know anyone else other than Bailey at the time." Still, it "was so nice to have at least one friend on the first day of high school." "God's hand was really shown through how Faith and I met," Bailey shared. It was the first day of school, a B-day, and Bailey ended up in 3B Biology with Faith, a class she wasn't meant to be in on that day due to a schedule change. "That day in class we got in trouble because we talked [too] much," Bailey said. Sometime afterward, Bailey introduced Faith to Karleigh and "ever since then," Karleigh recalled, "we just stuck together." By giving her two real friends, "God answered my prayer in an amazing way," Bailey said. He “answered all three of our prays.”

The trio's friendship was born in the Trailer Park and, since moving into the building, the three see each other "wayyyyy" less often. "I believe it's because you didn't really have anywhere to go in the [portables]," Bailey remembered. "So most of the time we were all going the same direction."

"The 'hallways' were so open," Karleigh said. "I feel like I could find people and friends to talk to easier." But, also, "I think part of it is that we don’t have classes together...I have some classes with [Faith], but me and Bailey don’t have any classes together, which is soooo sad." It's always been this way, even in freshman and sophomore year. "Usually, we just plan another day, usually over the weekend, to do something," Karleigh explained.

“We try so hard to hang out together all the time,” Bailey said. “But we have busy schedules so our time is limited. When we do hang out together we make the most of the time we have." “We love to hang out outside of school," Karleigh shared. "Usually, we’ll go out for coffee, go to each other’s houses, stuff like that." Once the trio went to Asheville, NC "and that was sooooo fun!" Exclaimed Karleigh, who “definitely want[s] to travel more.” “I feel like we created some traditions last year," she continued. “For example, we got together to build gingerbread houses and other fun [Christmas] things. I hope that we can do that again." Overall, "we could do anything together and have fun with doing it," Bailey said.

From that time spent together, the trio has developed a personal bond.

"[We're] like really close," Bailey responded. "Like really, really close."

"Usually we don’t have to tell each other if we are having a bad day," Karleigh expressed because, as Bailey put it, they "know what the other person is going to say or do at times before it happens." Even with this tight bond "I haven’t ever had a reason to be in a fight with them," Karleigh stated. "We haven’t had any drama in our relationship, which I LOVE. If we have a problem, we can just say it and deal with it. We are very open with [each other]. I tell them everything, a lot of things I tell before anyone else."

What do you like/admire about each other’s personalities? Bailey: “We complement each other and are all different in our own ways.” Karleigh: “I can tell them anything about how crazy life is going, and they just listen and don’t judge. No judgment zone.” What talent/gift does one person have that you wish you did? Bailey: “Karleigh is a good listener and Faith can do a split[.]” Karleigh: “Bailey can be blatantly honest about things and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion :). Faith is just good with everyone and gets along with people who are hard to get along with.”

Looking ahead, Bailey says the trio "plan[s] to keep in touch and for [their] kids to be good friends," but otherwise doesn't have any dreams of future plans together. "We are all going separate ways for college," Karleigh declared, "but we would still really like to keep the relationship."

"I am so glad that we all three met," Karleigh concluded confidentiality, "and I honestly wouldn’t choose anyone else.”