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When Considering Your Future Career

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

We've all been asked this question at least once in our lives, and yet select few have a specific answer. The majority often has no idea. So, to hopefully aid you in this area, below I have listed several dying professions that you should avoid. If you don't know what you want to be, at least you can cross a few ideas off your list.

Travel Agent

Thanks to online travel booking sites, everyone is their own personal travel agent these days.

Mortgage Brokers

Thanks to sites like Rocket Mortgage and Guaranteed Rate, the outlook for mortgage brokers is looking bleak at best.


A lot of the work they do is quickly being taken over by technology.


Because more and more people are listening to their favorite songs, podcasts, and books through apps like Spotify, Audible, and Pandora.

IT Guys

With so much of computing becoming cloud-based, IT guys are becoming less and less relevant in today's workforce.

Financial Planners

Tasks once performed by low-level retail financial planners are quickly being replaced by planning software, apps, robo advisors, and investing algorithms.

Floral Designers

Blame the internet and its flower delivery business.

Postal Workers

Because of automated sorting systems, cluster mailboxes, tight budgets, and email.

Data Entry Clerks

These workers are expected to be the hardest hit in an overall decline in opportunities for the broader category of office and administrative workers. Once again, we can thank – or blame – technology. Word processing, voicemail and the internet means we end up doing a lot of the tasks that once would have been delegated to an administrative assistant.

Farmers and Ranchers

Farms are becoming more efficient, replacing workers with machinery and gaining bigger yields out of smaller plots of land.

Fast Food Cook

Fast food is increasingly becoming an automated industry. The chains are finding it cheaper to prepare food off site and simply have employees reheat it in store.

Newspaper Reporter

Given that circulation has been dropping for 17 straight years, and Sunday circulation of the nation’s newspapers are at their lowest levels since 1945, it's no wonder that nearly one in 10 reporters are said to lose their jobs in the next 10 years. But our reporters here at The Forge will not be among them thanks to all of you!


With more and more jewelry being produced overseas, there are fewer and fewer jewelers working in the U.S.

Furniture Finisher

With furniture prices on a constant decline, it's often cheaper to replace your broken chair or table than it is to repair. Finishers who work in production of furniture are no better off as the process becomes automated, moved overseas, or both.


Surveillance cameras, spyware, and DNA databanks make it easier to solve crimes. It is said that future police work will focus more on criminal rehabilitation and reducing recidivism than solving crimes. While private eyes and investigators are not predicted to decrease, experts say that these professions will have to change drastically to stay relevant.

For more information, visit this source:

25 Dying Professions You Should Avoid

Now that you know what fields to avoid entirely, here is a list of jobs that are no longer requiring employees to possess a college degree:

Google Hiring for: Product Manager, Recruiter, Software Engineer, Product Marketing Manager, Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineer, Developer Relations Intern, UX Engineer, SAP Cloud Consultant, Administrative Business Partner, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Penguin Random House Hiring for: Marketing Designer, Publicity Assistant, Senior Manager of Finance, Production Assistant, Senior Editor, Production Editor, Art Director, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Costco Hiring for: Cashier, Stocker, Pharmacy Sales Assistant, Bakery Wrapper, Cake Decorator, Licensed Optician, Cashier Assistant, Depot Solutions Functional Analyst, Forklift Driver, Seasonal Help, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Whole Foods Hiring for: Grocery Team Member, Cashier, Bakery Team Member, Whole Body Team member, Specialty Team Member, Part Time Grocery Team Member, Chef, Seafood Team Member, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Hilton Hiring for: Event Manager, Front Office Manager, Housekeeper, Hotel Manager, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage, On-Call Banquet Server, International Sales Coordinator, Security Officer, Barback, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Publix Hiring for: Pharmacist, Retail Set-Up Coordinator, Maintenance Technician, Job Fair, In-House Maintenance Technician, Prepared Food Clerks, Assistant Pharmacy Manager, Beverage Server, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Apple Hiring for: Genius, Design Verification Engineer, Engineering Project Manager, iPhone Buyer, Apple Technical Specialist, AppleCare at Home Team Manager, Apple TV Product Design Internship, Business Traveler Specialist, Part Time Reseller Specialist, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Starbucks Hiring for: Barista, Shift Supervisor, Store Manager, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Nordstrom Hiring for: Retail Sales, Cleaning, Stock and Fulfillment, Bartender, Barista, Spa Esthetician, Cosmetics Beauty Stylist, Seasonal Alterations and Tailor Shop Apprentice, Sr. Site Reliability Engineer, Recruiter, Social Media Manager, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Home Depot Hiring for: Department Supervisor, Customer Service Sales, Store Support, Cashier, Assistant Store Manager, Outside Sales Consultant, Warehouse Associate, Product Manager, Analyst, and more. Click here to see open jobs.


Hiring for: Financial Blockchain Engineer, Lead Recruiter, Contract & Negotiations Professional, Product Manager, Entry Level System Services Representative, Research Staff Member, Client Solution Executive, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Bank of America Hiring for: Client Service Representative, Client Associate, Analyst, Executive Assistant, Relationship Manager, Consumer Banking Market Manager, Treasury Solutions Analyst, Small Business Consultant, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Chipotle Hiring for: District Manager, Kitchen Manager, Service Manager, Restaurant Team Member, General manager, Restaurant Shift Leader, and more. Click here to see open jobs.

Lowe’s Hiring for: Plumbing Associate, Commercial Sales Loader, Lumber Associate, Front End Cashier-Seasonal, Internet Fulfillment, Seasonal Customer Service Associate, Delivery Puller, Installed Sales Manager, and more.

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