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Former GMC Homeschoolers Bust Homeschooler Myths

Ever wondered if rumors about homeschoolers are actually true? Along with Mackenzie Joyce, I interviewed previously home-schooled students to see for ourselves.

Homeschoolers Don’t do a lot of School Work/Homework

“The things they study are usually harder than most stuff in public schools,” replied Ben Bakos. Homeschoolers actually have a much more personalized workload. Our parents usually pick what we learn, so we don’t really have to excel in subjects we aren’t good at. We also take classes at co-ops (which are usually one to two week day schools) or online classes. We focus on work that is more beneficial to us than just an overall standard education. We all get to focus on what we really want to learn about.

All Homeschoolers are Introverts and Very Shy

“If you were a nerd, you were on your computer all day long,” Ben Bakos mentioned. This couldn’t be more false. Several homeschoolers are very extroverted. Some choose to be homeschooled because it gives them MORE time to be social.

Homeschoolers Don’t Have Prom or Other Dances

Even though we don't seem to have dances/prom, from personal experience; there are many available throughout the year! I believe that homeschoolers probably go to more dances than public school students. Several homeschooled organizations (even online schools) plan local proms/dances that are open to the general homeschool public. And guess what? You don’t have to wait until you’re a junior to go. You can go to prom/other dances all throughout the year with or without an older date.

Homeschoolers Don’t Have a Social Life

Haha, don’t you just love this one? This is one of my favorites. Just think, homeschoolers have much more time than you do. Just because we don’t sit in a classroom next to a bunch of sleep deprived teenagers doesn’t make us socially underprivileged…. :)

Homeschoolers Don’t Partake in any Physical Activities, Including Gym or Sports

“There are now more sports. We played for the Hurricanes,” said Ben Bakos. Actually, a lot of homeschoolers tend to stay at home so that they can focus on a sport (ex. dance, travel ball, etc). You need a lot of time and focus to train for professional sports these days, and homeschooling is the easiest way to excel in your future career! Also, we have organizations like the Hurricanes that offer plenty of options for homeschoolers so they can do sports. There are several people at this school who played basketball, cross country, soccer, etc. with Hurricanes.

Homeschoolers’ Siblings are their Best Friends

“My ACTUAL best friend was my best friend,” Diego L. Figueroa insisted. Not true. After seeing your sibling 24/7, you guys pretty much hate each other. It’s a given.

Homeschooled Students Don’t Know How to Socialize

I know that there are those of us out there who aren’t the "goodest" at words, but this is simply not the truth. We watch way too much Netflix and Youtube to not be good at socializing.

Parents aren’t Qualified Teachers for their Children

“It really depends on what your parents have picked. Some people do online curriculum's,” said Ben Bakos. Some parents are very qualified teachers! I’d say that a parent knows more about his/her own child and how to best teach them than any teacher. I mean, one teacher is trying to fit the same material into 30 different people, who may learn differently or see things differently. This is definitely a myth.

Homeschoolers Don’t Go to College

I hate to make y’all feel bad, but homeschoolers' graduation rates are almost 10% higher than public schools' graduation rates. Yikes. 66.7% (homeschooled) vs. 57.5% (overall population).

Homeschoolers Wear Pajamas All Day

“Homeschoolers don’t do school in their pajamas, ” an anonymous person said. I disagree. Okay, um, this is totally 100% true. “Basically yeah,” said Ben Bakos.