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Who Else Wants Navy Blue Pants?

We all know there are benefits to the school dress code. GTC knows it’s us, we don’t have to worry about what we’re going to wear, and we can’t feel insecure because we don’t own any expensive/trendy clothes. Those are all good things! But why can’t we provide more options to the dress code, like navy blue pants? Or other colored polo's?

I know that we’ve just approved black pants, which is great and definitely a step towards this goal! I think adding another color could really help people stick to the dress code. For example, at the beginning of the year, I went shopping for khaki pants. I got to the store I was going to, and they didn't have my size in any khaki like color. The only pants with my sizes were navy blue. How much could it really hurt to add another color for pants? I would’ve been able to get those pants and feel confident that I had something to wear to school. In addition, navy is a school color.

Furthermore, I wish that we had more options for polo's as well. I understand the school colors for polo's ideals, but what I don’t understand- is why the school thought it was a good idea to have two very light colors for polo's. If you stain your shirt, you’re doomed. It’s not coming out. Especially with the light blue and white. If we added more darker colors to the dress code, it could really help in that way. Would it really hurt to add a color like black to the polo selection? The other day, I even saw someone wearing a black polo shirt- and he didn’t even get dress coded. It is so close to navy blue and would just add more options for the students.

On the opposite viewpoint, I understand why the school doesn’t want to provide more options. If we get too comfortable with pushing the dress code, it could get out of hand. Certainly small additions wouldn’t get students too comfortable with this idea.

In conclusion, I think it would be a good idea to add these options to the school dress code. It gives the students more options, it’s beneficial, and it doesn’t hurt any vital dress code ideals.