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Dealing with our Dirt

You may have been wondering what is happening with the desert around the school. Well, here is some information that you may be interested in reading.

If Hurricane Florence does not cause any further delays, sod should be laid within the next few days. Once the sod is planted, those areas will be "off limits” for two weeks. When the grass has finished rooting, PE and other classes will be able to do activities in those areas.

There are going to be 25 trees that are going to be donated from Tree's Greenville organization. The types trees are going to (including Maples, Evergreens, and Magnolias) that will be planted by volunteers on the hill by the fire lane, near the old trailer park, and other various locations. The new irrigation system will water all of the trees except for the ones near the trailer park, which “the Environmental Science classes will take care of,” said Mr. Crawford. If you are interested in planting trees for service hours, you will be able to gain two hours.