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Teacher Friendships: Mrs. Rouse and Ms. Sawicki

School has been home to friendships that last forever. Friendships can be made in any grade, from preschool to college and beyond. Sometimes, it isn't just the students who make friends with each other; sometimes, it is the teachers who make friendships that are unbreakable.

Mrs. Rouse and Ms. Sawicki have been friends since Mrs. Rouse began working at GMC in 2013. They met at the GMC copier when Mrs. Rouse overheard Ms. Sawicki talking about the 2016 European Carousel trip. While waiting to make copies, she asked Ms. Sawicki about her trip she was planning. Mrs. Rouse said "[Ms. Sawicki] began to tell me about the trip and encouraged me to come to the interest meeting."Afterwards, Mrs. Rouse had asked Ms. Sawicki if she could help with planning the European trip. "I said yes which led to the close relationship that we have now," Ms. Sawicki stated.

Ms. Sawicki gave Mrs. Rouse a good impression, being smart and interesting. Mrs. Rouse heard wonderful things about Ms. Sawicki's class and noticed she was a fabulous teacher as well. She admires the love Ms. Sawicki has for her students and how she would do anything for them. She noticed how Ms. Sawicki placed her students first, whether it be difficult situations or making sure they were enjoying their time on field trips. Mrs. Rouse said "another thing that I think is amazing is seeing her interact with students - whether attending sports events and school dances, planning the Atlanta field trip, organizing fundraisers so that students can travel, making gift bags for her Blazer Block, etc."

Mrs. Rouse also gave Ms. Sawicki a wonderful impression as well, with her kindheartedness, hilarious sense of humor, and being someone Ms. Sawicki knew she could spend time around. Ms. Sawicki loves Mrs. Rouse's "...ability to excel at my weaknesses regarding planning and running student travel events."


Ms. Sawicki appreciates the work and effort Mrs. Rouse does for the events they plan, facilitate, and chaperone for the students. Ms. Sawicki adds "if people were stars she would be Sirius, the brightest one!"

Mrs. Rouse and Ms. Sawicki spend time together outside of school, especially when it comes to traveling. Sometimes they go out to eat together just to spend time, but they spend most of their time planning to travel as well as travelling with their students. They have been to more than nine countries together. Even if one of them leaves GMC, Mrs. Rouse believes they will stay friends for years to come.