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StuGo is a No-Go?

The concept of a student-led government is over 40 years old and is a tradition held in almost every high school in America. Still, many people ask themselves, "What do they even do? How much influence do they even have over the running of the school? Can they make decisions on non-academic activities? Do they listen to any of our complaints or suggestions? Should we even bother with elections every year?"

Before this school year, I honestly had almost zero clue what our StuGo even did. I truly was inclined to believe it was a completely pointless part of GMC. Now, however, I am delighted to say that is not true.

Do you enjoy dances and parties on the patio (partios)? How about Spirit Week events? These are all planned entirely by our fellow students! My first thought upon hearing this was "Well, why can't we let everyone vote on this during Blazer Block?" But let's be honest, do any of us really want to bother with that every week? I certainly don't. StuGo, from what I can tell, genuinely does care about making school events exciting and entertaining. All of the students involved are earnest and kind, which slightly upset me because I wanted to write a very mean, scathing article on how they operate, but that's simply not possible. The only true criticism I can give is that most of the student body does not ever hear about what they do! I just hope for everyone to know that GMC's Student Government does excellent work, and does it consistently.

Just two weeks ago, in fact, StuGo introduced First Fridays to our Blazer Blocks, an initiative designed to increase enjoyment on the first Friday of every month. This isn't some throw away, or a lame attempt to make StuGo seem cool. No, they truly care about their fellow students and their level of enjoyment. All StuGo members I have contacted have made a point of expressing their love for GMC and its students. I mean, I didn't even ask and many of them they went out of their way to express their affection.

If you see any of our Student Government, be sure to tell them what a great job they are doing for our school. StuGo is more than deserving of our praise.