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Newspaper at the Partio!

Newspaper decided to attend this years Party on the Patio, and a few of us gave reviews to share with the school!

Tristen Thomas (Editor-in-Chief): "Up until this partio, I have not been to a dance since my freshman year. Even then I only went to the first Dance on the Deck and Winter Ball, and both occasions were almost too awkward to bear. Particularly at the Dance on the Deck where I (being the only girl who had pockets because she wore jeans) ended up holding the phones, wallets, and wads of cash of the girls I came to hang out with while they went dancing. That's another note: I can't dance. With this in mind, my experience at GMC Gone Wild was MUCH better. Although I'm still a little too socially awkward to nail the dancing aspect of school dances (mainly because they don't play songs I know), I found a purpose through my roles in Newspaper and Yearbook when I got my hands on a camera. Suddenly with a job, it no longer mattered if I didn't recognize the song playing or had someone to talk to. In fact, balancing those three activities caused a mild craziness, therefore allowing fun to settle in. There is a certain energy/liveliness present at Blazer filled events that one can't find anywhere else, and I found myself soaking up every drop of it and looking forward to still upcoming school dances seeing that, in eight months, I will never get the chance to again."

Jayden Schading (Photographer): "I believe the DJ selection could have been better, but overall the partio was enjoyable. The decorations were really well done and seeing everyone in safari attire was neat."

Mr. Lowman (Supervisor): "I thought it was great. The kids really seemed to have a good time and enjoy the music that evening."

Kelsey Craig (BlazeFeed Editor): "It was super fun! I had a great time dancing with all of my friends."

Kaileigh Stoia (Reporter): "I really enjoyed the environment! The decorations and the refreshments were great, and I had a super fun time dancing and just letting loose. I loved seeing all my friends having fun, and it was super exciting to get to spend a fun night with them away from academics and school work!"

Ansley Mason (Sports Editor): "It was a blast!! I always enjoy dancing and having fun with friends."

Haydn Thomas (Reporter): "It was fun."