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Go Gold

Everyone knows what the pink ribbon stands for, but do you know what the gold ribbon means?

It’s September. It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

"I feel like people don’t hear about childhood cancer enough," cancer survivor and senior Hannah Leonhardt said. "The people that do only hear about it because it has impacted someone they know." Only the people truly in it with the patient (their family, closest friends, other patients, and the staff in charge of their care) truly see what it’s like. "They see everything," Hannah said. "Not just the obvious hair loss, but all the side effects and hard days." The rest of the world, however, doesn’t seem to know that there’s an issue, especially with funding.

Did you know that barely 4% of federal cancer research funds go toward childhood cancer research? "Treatment to get rid of cancer is probably as hard as having cancer with all its awful side effects," Hannah said. "I mean I’m thankful. I wouldn’t change anything. Treatment saved my life, but there are also kids that it doesn’t work for. Their lives are worth more than 4%."

"I know it’s easy to see this stuff and think 'oh that’s sad.' and move on," Hannah said. She gets it. She's not asking you to dwell on it or be sad all day. "I just want to challenge you to pay attention and raise awareness." October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and pink is everywhere. "Don’t get me wrong," Hannah said. "Multiple women in my family have had breast cancer, and I’m thankful for the support people show." She would merely like the colors to start with gold in September and change to pink in October. "The way people support breast cancer," Hannah said. "I want to see that for childhood cancer too." Maybe you do that by sharing that it’s time to "go gold" again. Maybe you do that by wearing gold. Perhaps you do that by getting involved in the school activities below.

Go Gold Volleyball Game

On Tuesday, September 25, our Lady Blazers Volleyball team fought hard in a heartbreaking loss to the Brashier Bengals. Coach Whitney Looper said that "a Brashier parent came up to [her] after the game to say how amazing our girls were on and off the court and [she would] have to agree." A team initiative to help support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month has turned into them raising over $450 and the funds are still coming in! "They worked as a team and it was probably the most complete game I have seen from them this year," Looper said. So, if you see one of the girls, make sure to tell them what a great job they are doing!

Child Life Drive

Until Friday, September 28, there will be a box in front of Mrs. Clark's desk to collect the following items. Beta Club members can bring in four of them to receive a Beta event.

. Blankets

. Toys/stuffed animals

. $10 gift cards

. Adult coloring books

. Beach towels

. Sunscreen

. Water bottles

Go Gold Dress Down Day

On Friday, September 28, there will be a "go gold" dress down day on which students can wear a yellow or gold shirt for free. Of course, you will still have to follow regular dress down rules and dress appropriately. If you do not have something to wear but would like to buy something, Hannah recommends AlexsLemonade.Org.