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GMC Teachers as (Clean) Vines

Mrs. Bailey: "Zach stop you're gonna get in trouble. Zach stop." Mrs. Bailey would warn a student not to do something, but they would do it anyway. Maybe their name will be Zach.

Mrs. Berg: "Hi, I'm Renata Bliss, and I'm your freestyle dance teacher. *not dancing*" Everything about this is Mrs. Berg. The enthusiasm, the positivity, everything.

Mrs. Bishop: Kid: *throws paper ball* Teacher: *hits it and dabs* (beat drop) I don't know what else to say other than Mrs. Bishop can and will do this.

Mr. Cook: "Hi I have no soul. Have a nice day!" "I don't have one either." The iconic, yet melancholy vine that highlights exactly how Mr. Cook feels about teaching.

Mr. Davis: "What's better than this? Guys bein' dudes." This definitely highlights Mr. Davis's true Bro level with the bros of GMC.

Mrs. Davis: "It's an avocado...thaaanks." I can see Mrs. Davis doing this. This is a reality.

Mrs. Earle: "Sabre gives you all your necessary nutrients, like 0 grams of trans fat, and Oh my gosh cholesterol." She seems like a hummus kind of person. Yay health!

Coach Elliot: "Is this weather good for running?" "It's the perfect texture for running." *falls on ice* Please don't make the children run on the ice this winter. That's all I can say.

Mr. Frans: Nickelback: "Look at this graph." His graph. How can you not see it?

Mr. Gallion: "Hi, welcome to Chili's." The welcoming voice, the welcoming face; it's so straightforward. It's him. Mr. Gallion should definitely consider recreating this one.

Mrs. Gonzalez: "Hello." "Hello." "Hello." "Hello." This iconic teacher who greets his students the same way every morning. This is definitely Mrs. Gonzalez and the beacon of hope that is her "Buuuueeenos días!!!"

Mrs. Hunter: "It started when we were young and you were mine, my boooooo-" The blank stare on the teacher's face is Mrs. Hunter's everyday mood at the questionable antics of the GMC student body.

Mr. Lowman: "I want to see my little boy." "Here he comes." The angelic singing voice? The cat's face? It's just so perfect. I don't even know.

Mr. McCaskill: *dad plays trumpet* *kid opens and closes the oven door to a disturbingly amazing rhythm* All I can say is that Mr. McCaskill has probably done this. He has that energy.

Mrs. Meyers: "...and they were roommates." "Oh my gosh they were roommates." The air of apathy in the man's voice reflects Mrs. Meyers in an unusually perfect way. The almost mocking(?) in the man's voice? Yep.

Mrs. Moore: "Mom, I spilled lipstick in your Valentino white bag" "I-uh-you-uh LIPSTICK IN MY VALENTINO WHITE BAG!!!" The accent really sells this as Mrs. Moore. Along with the intensity and overall energy.

Mrs. Morris: "Hey wait up." "Can't stop now, lady." "But I'll kiss you" -shoe screech- "Gross." The girl kind of looks like Mrs. Morris and this vine is on another level that I can't describe, just like Mrs. Morris.

Mrs. Rouse: "I'll Krump with you, sweetie pie! Uh, uh uh, uh, uh." This vine of Marge Simpson captures Mrs. Rouse's energetic spirit, humor, and positive attitude all in one!

Ms. Sawiki: I hAVe to reStArt my pOTatoes. *looks really stressed* Don't worry, Ms. Sawiki, we're with you.

Ms. Schonhar: "When your mom buys off-brand Dr. Pepper. ahhhhhh. Ahhhh. AHHHHH" This vine shows what I imagine to be Ms. Sho's average day. It's pretty straightforward.

Mrs. Serate: "Who am I? Let's go to the beach, beach!....Ninki Minjaj..." This compliments every part of Mrs. Serate's complex personality.

Coach Smith: "Ahhhh stop! I could've dropped my croissant!" Coach Smith might drop his croissant one day, and this is what will happen.

Mr. Stone: "Do you know anyone in the audience?" "Uh yeah, my buddy Brandon." *Brandon awkwardly waves and dies inside* Mr. Stone waves just like Brandon, but with more confidence. It's almost like they're the same person.

Ms. Teel: "Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does." This is such an iconic vine. For some reason, I can really picture Ms. Teel saying this.